10 Best Kickboxing Shoes of 2021: Protection, Performance, & Portability - Shoe Reports (2023)

Kickboxing dates back to Far East Asia, nearly 2000 years ago. Muy Thai Kickboxing began as a form of self-defense and discipline. Now, Kickboxing is an incredibly popular form of combat sport. Across the globe, there are kickboxing competitors and fans alike. As a result, more and more people want to practice and try out kickboxing. But, what type of shoes should you wear to kickboxing? This is a great question to ask. Lucky for you, this is a buying guide to the best kickboxing shoes available.

What makes the best shoes for kickboxing different? Are they the same shoes you wear to a cross-fit workout? These are all great questions. But, they do not help you get any closer to the best shoes for kickboxing. But, this buying guide has everything you need. This includes information on kickboxing and kickboxing footwear. Furthermore, this encompasses the ten best shoes available as well. Read more below and get yourself the best kickboxing shoes on the market!

Top Kickboxing Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductUpper MaterialHeel TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Feiyue High Top ShoesCanvasFlat$Check on Amazon
Otomix Stingray Escape MMA & Kickboxing ShoeSuedeFlat$$$Check on Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Running ShoeTextile/SyntheticRaised$$Check on Amazon
Otomix Ninka Warrior Kickboxing ShoePolyesterFlat$$$Check on Amazon
RINGSIDE Diablo MMA & Kickboxing Training ShoesMesh/VinylFlat$$Check on Amazon
PUMA Men’s Ignite Evoknit Trainer ShoeTextile/EVARaised$$$Check on Amazon
Mooto Wings Black Competition ShoesSynthetic LeatherFlat$$Check on Amazon
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts ShoesSynthetic LeatherFlat$$Check on Amazon
Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring ShoeFoamFlat$$Check on Amazon
Sanabul Foot Grips for KickboxingNeopreneFlat$Check on Amazon

Kickboxing Shoes Buying Guide

Kickboxing footwear is unlike most sports footwear. For instance, kickboxing shoes are not as abundant as basketball shoes. There are a number of popular basketball shoe brands. As a result, customers struggle to find the right option. However, kickboxing shoes are the complete opposite. The kickboxing shoe market is not as prominent. Thus, you have to really focus in to get a good pair of shoes.

Do not waste time going it alone. Use this buying guide to your advantage. It will surely help you get a good pair of kickboxing shoes. Plus, you might even save yourself some money at the same time.

Kickboxing & Athletic Footwear

Kickboxing is a sport of impact. The impact of your feet on the ground and the impact of strikes. As a result, kickboxing should need to be built with great support. Furthermore, they must provide a good, firm fit as well. All the while, the best kickboxing shoes usually have a lot of ankle support. Make sure that you read all of the following information. That way, you avoid getting the wrong pair of shoes for kickboxing.

Kickboxing Footwear Vs. Boxing Footwear: The Differences

Regular boxing footwear and kickboxing footwear are not the same. After all, boxing and kickboxing are different in one obvious way. Boxing involves only hand strikes whereas kickboxing allows both hand and foot strikes. As a result, boxing and kickboxing shoes provide two different types of performance. They both provide great ankle support. However, boxing shoes are not as lightweight. Kickboxing shoes are lighter for better foot strike movement.

Now, boxing shoes and kickboxing shoes feature two different types of soles. Boxing soles are made for swift movement. As a result, boxing shoes have soles made of smooth materials. On the other hand, kickboxing shoes are made for grip and traction. You cannot kickbox in boxing shoes. You will fall and slip. This can result in a potential injury and a very embarrassing moment. So it helps to know what makes the best kickboxing shoes!

Cardio Kickboxing: A Potential Alternative

Now, it is important to note the differences between combat kickboxing and cardio kickboxing. Simply put, cardio kickboxing meshes together an intense cardio workout with kickboxing strikes and techniques. This is not a workout class for slouches and casual athletes. Instead, it challenges even some of the very best. But, you need a different type of shoe for cardio kickboxing.

The best kickboxing shoes are made explicitly for kickboxing. This usually involves sparring or striking a bag. Therefore, kickboxing shoes do not perform well in cardio kickboxing. Luckily, the top ten list below has a great cardio kickboxing shoe option. The Under Armour shoes rank number three and are a great choice. Get the best kickboxing shoes for your specific workout today.

What To Consider While Buying The Best Kickboxing Shoes

As mentioned earlier, kickboxing shoes are very unique amongst other athletic footwear. But, this makes perfect sense. After all, kickboxing is incredibly unique amongst other sports. As a result, newcomers struggle to get the best kickboxing shoes available. Do not fall into this same fate. Instead, use this helpful information below. Read important factors to consider while shopping for a good pair of kickboxing shoes!


Price is always the easiest factor to deal with. As a matter of fact, you can handle price before anything else. You need to make a budget. Simply put, a good a budget provides a good price range. That way, you create a spending zone for your particular finances. Some customers want to splurge on their athletic equipment. Other customers want to save as much money as possible. Everyone should get just what they want with the best kickboxing shoes.

You can easily make a budget within five minutes. Sit down with a pen and some paper. Create two price points: a minimum price point and a maximum price point. These two price points are the foundation of your budget. The minimum price point is the least amount of money you want to spend. On the other hand, a maximum price point is the most money you want to spend.

Set your minimum price first. Basically, think about a price that seems too low. A price that you think is too good to be true. Raise this price until you are comfortable. Then, you have a good starting price point for shopping. Second, set your maximum price. Take an unrealistically high number. Then, lower it until you are comfortable. You have found your maximum price point. Use this method to make a budget for buying the best kickboxing shoes.


Buying shoes online make size harder than it should be. Usually, you just go and buy a shoe in person. This allows you the convenience of trying on the shoe. However, buying online obviously does not provide you with this convenience. Furthermore, the return process is a huge hassle. Therefore, you need to try and get the size right for your kickboxing shoes. It is much easier than you think.

First, there is a size chart on Amazon. Use this chart to your discretion. Secondly, always read through customer reviews. Customers always leave reviews if they are extremely unhappy or extremely happy. So read these reviews and always weigh them properly. However, keep an eye out for sizing issues. Specifically, look for indications on whether shoes run large or run small.

You can navigate shoe size to get the best kickboxing shoes at the proper size. Simply put, shoes that run large are just bigger than normal. As a result, you should order a smaller size than your current shoe size. So if you wear a size 11 then order a size 10! On the other hand, shoes that run small are smaller than normal. As a result, you should order a larger size than your current shoe size.

Your Body

Are you training in a gym? Are you working with a trainer? Do you need serious support? These are all big questions to ask before kickboxing. Now, many kickboxing experts and combatants may train and spare without shoes. But, they are experts and professionals. Therefore, their training experience is not the same as yours. Be sure to remember your body and your experience. Use it to help guide yourself towards the best kickboxing shoes.

Novices should wear shoes to their first kickboxing lesson. Do not go barefoot without a recommendation or advice from the trainer. Only they can properly evaluate your progress and situation. Over time, you may be able to remove the shoes and go barefoot. However, it is best to protect your feet in the meantime.


Protection is essential in everyday shoes. As a result, it is absolutely vital in any athletic shoe. This includes soccer cleats, football cleats, basketball shoes, and even the best kickboxing shoes. If not, you may potentially sustain an injury during physical activity. You do not want this to happen. No one does. So make sure that you look out for the right types of protection on your kickboxing shoes.

First, protection is key in the ankle area. There are a number of high-top options in the top ten list below. These are ideal for enhanced ankle support. Proper ankle support prevents an inward roll of the ankle. Anyone with previous injuries needs this type of support. Be sure to keep this in mind while shopping for the best kickboxing shoes. After all, they are not the best shoes if they do not have great protection.


Kickboxing involves moving around the mat and the striking movements. Mobility is key to kickboxing. As a result, the best kickboxing shoes are made to be mobile. First, this all starts in the material of the shoe. Avoid any shoe made entirely of leather. That is an absolutely bad idea. 100% leather made shoes are heavy and cumbersome. This will get in the way of a good kickboxing experience!

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Leather shoes are also usually very stiff. Thus, they do not boast flexibility. The process of walking is called the gait cycle. Simply put, this is the cycle in which your foot lands and leaves the ground. Well, kickboxing changes this up. Sometimes your foot is half on the ground and half off of the ground. Therefore, you need shoes that are flexible. The best kickboxing shoes feature some sort of mesh or synthetic fabric.

Lightweight shoes are the best kickboxing shoes that you can buy. Want to move faster around the gym? Want to strike faster? Get lightweight shoes made specifically for boxing. It will allow you to move without any constraint. All the while, heavy shoes do not weigh you down. Maximize your experience with the best shoes for kickboxing!


Workouts get sweaty and smelly. You cannot prevent this. However, you can prevent excessive foot sweat. Find some good shoes that are made of mesh material. This provides you with some breathability during the workout. Plus, it also provides a very good fit. After all, you probably do not want the shoes to be too tight. Always focus on what you like while shopping for the best kickboxing shoes available.

A second key material to look out for is a rubber sole. Rubber soles provide the very best traction out of all other sole materials. Thus, you enjoy optimal traction and grip in the gym. You need traction in the gym to move quickly and to move firmly. You do not want to slip up and fall down during a workout. That can result in an injury. Worse, you may make a fool of yourself. Get the best kickboxing shoes and avoid all of these problems.

Extra Support

Extra support is a huge deal depending on your feet. First and foremost, you should always be aware of your feet’s health. Do you have serious heel pain? Do you potentially have flat feet? Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. They can look at your feet and will provide a full evaluation. You can still workout with these foot problems. But, you just need more support than usual!

First and foremost, always keep your orthotics in mind. For those who do not know, orthotics are assistive devices. The best example of an orthotic is a cushioning insole. Podiatrists recommend these orthotics for people with foot pain or flat feet. Be sure to get kickboxing shoes that provide extra support. If not, your workout is painful and uncomfortable!


The last two factors are up to customer’s own discretion. Comfort is not necessarily a key quality for kickboxing shoes. Instead, comfort is only as important as you make it out to be. Do you like to be as comfortable as possible in all situations? If so, then you need to get extra cushioning. As a result, you will work out with the best possible comfort.


Again, this is up to your discretion. Are you really concerned with your appearance at the gym? After all, performance is usually more important than style. Especially at a gym for combat sports. Now, most high-top kickboxing shoes look cool. Therefore, you are likely to get a good looking pair of shoes. Just use the ten list below and you will definitely get one of the best kickboxing shoes on the market!

10 Best Kickboxing Shoes Reviews

There are not as many options available for kickboxing shoes like other sports. For example, basketball is one of the most popular sports on the planet. There are a ridiculous amount of basketball shoe manufacturers. Therefore, you have to look through a number of shoe options. On the other hand, kickboxing does not have a big pool of choices. But, this makes finding the best kickboxing shoes even harder.

If you want to train, then you need shoes. At the very least, you need supportive socks for bare feet. This top ten list has all of your recommendations and information. Use this list of the top ten greatest kickboxing shoes. You will definitely find a great choice that makes training more comfortable. That way, you dominate your classes and have plenty of fun!

1. Feiyue High Top Shoes

First and foremost, these are the most popular Martial Arts shoes in China. As a result, we believe this is the best kickboxing shoe available. Now, martial arts training and kickboxing training are not really the same. However, kickboxing owes its origins to Karate, which is a form of martial arts. Thus, you can buy these great martial arts shoes for kickboxing. Due to this, we believe it is amongst the best kickboxing shoes on the market.

The canvas design completely covers all of your foot. So there is plenty of standard protection. Furthermore, these are high-top shoes. High-top shoes provide so much more ankle support than low-top shoes. As a result, these shoes help provide a firm fit with plenty of supportive help. This high-top design helps prevent potential ankle injuries as you train. If you have had any previous ankle injuries then high-tops are your best choice!

Finally, these shoes look very good. So you get performance, comfort, and style all in this one pair of shoes. Best of all, the affordable price tag keeps money in your wallet. You can get these kickboxing shoes for a ridiculously low price. Now, be sure to keep an eye out for size information. There are some sizing issues with this shoe. But, do not hesitate to get yourself some of the best kickboxing shoes available today!


  • Sleek Appearance
  • High-Top Design
  • Fit & Support
  • Very Comfortable


  • Shoes Run Small

2. Otomix Stingray Escape MMA & Kickboxing Shoe

First and foremost, Otomix is one of the most reputable brands for combat sports training shoes. MMA trainers and weightlifters alike use this shoe. Therefore, it surely has the right amount of performance and support for Kickboxing. However, these are the priciest shoes on this list. Therefore, these are the best kickboxing shoes for a premium price! Do not reach out of your budget if you do not want to!

If you have previous ankle injuries then you need extra ankle support. However, ankle protection is key for anyone and everyone. Thus, this high-top design comes in handy while training. Actively prevent knee injuries which usually come in the form of a sprained ankle. Kickboxing involves a lot of movement and kicking. Get all of the extra ankle support to protect your body!

The thin sole grips great on training surfaces. As a result, you benefit from the best traction inside of the gym. All the while, the leather and synthetic material looks flawless. You enjoy premier comfort and style inside the kickboxing gym. Best of all, the leather material is not heavy at all. Instead, these are very lightweight shoes. Due to this design, we recommend this as one of the best kickboxing shoes on the market.


  • Otomix Brand Name
  • Extra Ankle Support
  • Good Looking Shoe
  • Ideal For Kickboxing


  • Shoes Run Large
  • Expensive Price Tag

3. Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Running Shoe

A pair of Under Armour shoes on the list of the best kickboxing shoes may be a surprise. But, it actually makes perfect sense. First and foremost, the 100% textile and synthetic is flexible. As a result, you have unlimited mobility in the kickboxing gym. Practice strikes and movement without any constraint. All the while, the rubber sole provides optimal traction. Get yourself some great kickboxing shoes today!


The upper is built with plenty of great support. There is a built-in webbing that adds structure and support. As a result, you alleviate pressure on your feet. Furthermore, you enjoy long hours of practice without foot pain. The upper is built with lightweight and durable leather. This combines together with breathable material that is tough and built to last!

The sicklier is die-cut and full-length. Best of all, it is made from an EVA material. As a result, it lasts for a very long time. Also, the EVA material is going to provide a customized fit. Adjust the shoe’s fit to make it tighter or looser. The price tag is the most attractive quality here. As a matter of fact, these are the most valuable kicking shoes. So it is only right to rank them amongst the best kickboxing shoes available.


  • Arch Support
  • High-Quality Performance
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Attractive Appearance


  • Sizing Issues
  • Potential Durability Issues

4. Otomix Ninka Warrior Kickboxing Shoe

Now, these are pricey kickboxing shoes. As a result, this is an ideal pair of shoes for big spenders. If you want something more affordable then look elsewhere. There are plenty of great kickboxing shoes available for a budget. However, these are the best kickboxing shoes if you have money to spend. After all, Otomix produces shoes ideal for all types of combat sports training. Get the best possible performance for every single training session!

A rubber sole offers premier traction in all gym areas. Avoid slipping and falling on gym surfaces. All the while, lightweight material lets you move freely. That way, you can perform your best during kickboxing training. Luckily, the lightweight material is still incredibly durable. So you can use these shoes for a very long time! Look no further if you want premier durability.

A wider toe box provides more toe space. If you need extra room, then this toe space comes in handy. Plus, high-top shoes always provide more ankle support than low-top support. So do not hesitate to fully protect your ankles with these kickboxing shoes. Again, remember your budget for shopping. Get the best kickboxing shoes for your particular budget. We guarantee you will not regret it!


  • Good Sizing
  • Great Fit
  • Tough Shoe Design


  • Expensive Price Tag

5. RINGSIDE Diablo MMA & Kickboxing Training Shoes

Look no further if you value style more than anything else. We guarantee that you will love this style. Especially if you are a younger kickboxer. This is the new generation of high-performance kickboxing shoes. The dynamic high-top design is sleek but also supportive. Get all of that extra ankle protection and support that you need. It helps to enhance your training sessions and relieves pain. All the while, you potentially prevent any ankle sprains or twists.

The leather and vinyl finish looks absolutely amazing. Other trainers will definitely ask you questions about this shoe. Best of all, you get plenty of mobility and portability. Move without any issues from one stance to another. You need as much help from your lightweight shoes as possible. Also, the breathable nylon mesh pattern prevents a build-up of sweat.

The non-slip rubber sole is the key feature. You cannot slip and fall in the gym. It is both embarrassing and hazardous. After all, that is how many athletes sustain an injury. Instead, this shoe provides the best support and stability during kickboxing. Now, the thin sole is great for traction. However, thin soles do not necessarily last the longest. Remember this while shopping for the best kickboxing shoes.


  • Good Fit
  • Amazing Appearance
  • Great Performance


  • Possible Sizing Issues

6. PUMA Men’s Ignite Evoknit Trainer Shoe

This is another option for style and design. The premier design is bound to stand out amongst the crowd. This shoe blends together three different colors into a very unique design. All the while, the soft material looks lush and feels great. There is nothing wrong focusing in on shoe appearance. After all, some customers want to look good at all times. Take on your kickboxing workout in the best kickboxing shoes available!

Now, these shoes are not “by the book” kickboxing shoes. Instead, they are great training shoes with kickboxing qualities. For instance, the knitted upper fits firm but comfortably. Best of all, the frosted TPU heel and mid-foot pieces come with a special strap. This special strap supports your feet. As a result, you relieve pressure during kickboxing. Enjoy relief by wearing the best kickboxing shoes.

The standout feature is definitely the Ignite 3 tooling and top-down fade. This utilizes enhanced energy return technology. Basically, you get back all exerted energy. Any energy you give will come back to you. As a result, this shoe provides explosive movements and powerful performance. So we obviously recommend this is a great pair of shoes for kickboxing!


  • Puma Name Brand
  • All Purpose Workout Shoe
  • Knitted Design
  • Premier Support


  • Pricey
  • Break-In Period
  • Tight fit

7. Mooto Wings Black Competition Shoes

These are some of the very best martial arts training shoes. Therefore, they are also some of the best kickboxing shoes. The synthetic leather material provides two great benefits. First, this synthetic leather looks just like real leather. Thus, you enjoy the premier style. However, this synthetic leather is not stiff like real leather. As a result, you enjoy plenty of mobility and flexibility. You need as much flexibility and portability as you can get!

The exceptional adhesive is great for working out in the gym. You need traction in a kickboxing gym. That way, you do not slip and slide around on the floor surface. Best of all, these shoes are made for hard workouts. You can really wear this shoe out for a long kickboxing session. The endurance is impressive, to say the least. Strong material prevents any transformation of the shoe shape. So it will not bend and twist after long periods of time.

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Martial arts shoes function much like kickboxing shoes. The shoes enhance striking movement and motions. So do not hesitate to get yourself some of the best kickboxing shoes available! Now, these shoes are not ideal for wide feet. Either order a larger size than usual or look elsewhere. After all, you need the right fit in order to train for kickboxing.


  • Minimalist Design
  • Great Support
  • Lightweight Design
  • Ideal For Striking


  • Small Shoe Design
  • Not The Most Comfortable Shoe

8. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes

Century shoes are made specifically for martial arts practice and training. Therefore, they are perfect for kickboxing practice and training. The lightweight design is ideal for movement. Especially foot movement for kick strikes and evasions. A flexible construction enhances this design. As a result, you get the best range of movement without any issue. The best kickboxing shoes give you the best possible range of motion!

The floor-gripping rubber soles are one of the best features in this shoe. Traction and grip are two key features for the best kickboxing shoes. The shoe bottom even features pivot points. Simply put, pivot points let you pivot and turn sharply without losing control. This is great for intense kickboxing training sessions and sparring. Best of all, the high-quality synthetic leather is built to last. As a result, these shoes will last you for a very long time.

This is a great shoe in terms of performance. But, customers noted sizing issues with their shoes. Always look at the sizing chart on Amazon. Furthermore, look through reviews for helpful hints and clues. Customers usually note potential sizing problems. That way, you can reference it to get the perfect fit. Get some of the greatest kickboxing shoes from the Century brand.


  • Premier Performance
  • Exceptional Grip & Traction
  • Wonderful Price Tag
  • All-Around Workout Shoes


  • Sizing Issues

9. Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring Shoe

Do you want to get shoes made specifically for indoor sparring? If so, you are definitely in luck. The North American Sport Karate Association, International Sport Karate Association, and International Kickboxing Federation all approve this shoe. As a result, you can get legitimate kickboxing shoes today. They are perfect for indoor sparring situations in a gym. Train at the highest level possible and save yourself money along the way.

The foot covers both absorb and disperse all impact. As a result, you get premier protection and performance. The tight fit is also great. Eliminate twisting when you kick footpads. The thick and dense Ringstar R3 layered closed-cell foam is comfortable and supportive. Relieve foot pain and expand your training session times. You will definitely love the extra protection and padding.

Unique flex grooves ensure a good fit. The shoe cannot slide off in an intense training session. Furthermore, the pivot points provide the best possible traction. Stop on a dime and turn your body in one swift motion. All the while, the lightweight material is great for striking and practicing with kicking bags. Get some of the best kickboxing shoes on the market!


  • Perfect Sparring
  • Good Fit
  • Superior Protection


  • Possible Durability Issues

10. Sanabul Foot Grips for Kickboxing

The last pair of kickboxing shoes is not actually a shoe at all. Instead, these are non-slip foot grips. As mentioned before, not every kickboxer trains with shoes on. Cardio kickboxing is a popular form of cardio workout. Unlike real kickboxing, cardio kickboxing is not a combat workout. So you may want to workout without shoes on. That way, you can get the best mobility and the lightest shoe option. We recommend these non-slip grips as some of the best kickboxing shoes on the market.

Get extra traction from the intelligent grip features on the bottom. It is great for more than just kickboxing. Also, the protective material prevents friction burns, abrasions, and cuts as well. As a result, you do not do any potential harm to your feet. After all, bare feet are more susceptible to injuries and potential problems. However, the comfortability is possibly the best part!

A 4-way stretch neoprene design enables natural movements. As a result, you truly get the best possible performance. Best of all, the foot grip protects feet from fungal infections and bacterial infections. Buy these non-slip foot grips if you do not want the best kickboxing shoes. This is the perfect form of footwear for your cardio kickboxing workouts.


  • Lightweight
  • Extreme Traction
  • Premier Grip
  • Awesome Fit


  • Do Not Last Forever

Conclusion and Final Kickboxing Shoes Recommendations

Now you have information and facts on all of the ten best kickboxing shoes available. Furthermore, you know important qualities to look for as well. You are ready to go and get a great pair of kickboxing shoes. Then, you can dominate the workout session or sparring session. Combat kickboxing and cardio kickboxing are two great forms of exercise. Do not hesitate to sign up for a new class today. You will enjoy yourself while also improving your overall health as well!

Now, what if you just want to get the best overall shoes? What if you want to get the most valuable shoes? Or do you need to get the most expensive shoes? Everyone has their own preferences and filters. As a result, there are specific recommendations below for a number of different customers. We guarantee it has what you need. No matter what you want from the best kickboxing shoes on the market.

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Best Kickboxing Shoes Overall: Feiyue High Top Shoes

The Feiyue High Top Shoes are the very best overall kickboxing shoes. If you want the best performance and the best value then you are in luck. You get all of these offers and so much more from this pair of shoes. The durable design is built to last for a very long time. Plus, the padded sole is built for premier comfort. All the while, the lightweight design is perfect for kickboxing training and workout sessions. Get yourself the best overall shoes for kickboxing today.

Best Kickboxing Shoes at a Premium Price: Otomix Stingray Escape MMA & Kickboxing Shoe

The Otomix Stingray Escape MMA & Kickboxing shoe is the best kickboxing shoe at a premium price. Do you want to drop some serious cash on your kickboxing shoes? There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend more money than usual. Especially if it provides you with some of the best performance. Best of all, these shoes come with leather and synthetic material. It looks absolutely amazing during your intense kickboxing session! Buy yourself a brand new look with these awesome kickboxing shoes.

Best Kickboxing Shoes for Value: Under Armour Mens Toccoa Running Shoe

Are you looking for a good deal? Want to save money without sacrificing quality and performance? You are in luck. The Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Running Shoe is definitely one the most valuable kickboxing shoe available. Save yourself money on some truly impressive shoes. These are not the most stylish shoes but that is not a big deal. After all, you still get some of the best kickboxing performance that money can buy. All the while, you keep money in your wallet!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kickboxing Shoes

Can I Enjoy Kickboxing With A Past Injury?

Yes. This no question at all. Anyone and everyone can train for kickboxing. You just need to find a local gym or a trainer. We recommend finding both. Especially if they go hand-in-hand. More often than not, the best local kickboxing gym has the best trainers. But, it may be wise to ease into kickboxing. After all, you do not want to re-aggravate an injury by doing too much.

Maybe start with a cardio kickboxing class. That way, you learn some of the motions and movements. Thus, you get a good idea of kickboxing training and can learn all about it. Stay within your comfort zone. Start with a little and then build up to a lot!

Should I Go Barefoot?

This all depends. Beginners are best to wear some type of footwear and protective padding. After all, novices are likely to injure themselves without proper protection. So buy yourself the bets kickboxing shoes, to begin with. But, if you are experienced then seek out protective wrapping or non-slip grip socks. There are plenty of great options available for you to buy!

Do not go barefoot on your own volition. Receive expert help and recommendations from a trainer. They will know if it is safe for you to kickbox without shoes. It is appealing to go barefoot. However, it is not wise. Instead, buy a good pair of non-slip grip socks for your feet instead. That way, you enjoy a unique kickboxing experience with the proper gear!

Are High-Top Kickboxing Shoes Better Than Low-Top Kickboxing Shoes?

This all comes down to what you need from the shoes. Have you dealt with a sprained ankle? Do you require extra ankle support? These are all questions to ask. Simply put, high-top shoes are best for extra ankle support. As a result, you provide protection for your ankles and enhanced stability. On the other hand, low-top shoes do not offer this type of ankle protection. Get the best kickboxing shoes for your specific feet.

What Is The Difference Between Cardio Kickboxing & Kickboxing Training?

As mentioned earlier, cardio kickboxing and combat kickboxing are very different. Combat kickboxing is more for those that want to learn strikes and counters. On the other hand, cardio kickboxing is better for fitness freaks and enthusiasts. It combines together kickboxing strikes and martial arts techniques with cardio workouts. As a result, you burn weight and have fun all at the same time!

What Are The Benefits of Kickboxing For A Newcomer?

Kickboxing provides a number of wondrous benefits. As a matter of fact, kickboxing provides similar benefits as Martial Arts. First and foremost, it teaches a great amount of discipline. You learn how to fully control your body movements and motions. Furthermore, you even learn how to control your own energy and emotions. All, the while, you also increase your level of focus.

Second, kickboxing is a really great workout. You get active for an intense workout session. Burn fat and add muscles to your body all at once. But, the best part is that it is unlike most workouts. Kickboxing is fun and enjoyable. Therefore, it is just like playing your favorite sport as a workout. Get active and healthy while having plenty of fun at the same time.

Third, kickboxing teaches self-defense. This is a huge deal for many different people. Self-defense can help you get out of dangerous situations. Furthermore, it is great for people to know how to take care of themselves when necessary. Sign up for some kickboxing classes if you want to learn how to defend yourself!

What Other Gear Do I Need For My Kickboxing Experience?

Well, it is always best to contact a local kickboxing gym or trainer first. Look over their classes and the requirements. Talk to a trainer about coming to a class. They can help you learn just what is required and what is not. After all, not all kickboxing classes are the same. Especially if you are new to the sport of kickboxing.

Generally speaking, there is a bunch of different gear for kickboxing. This includes gloves, head protectors for sparring, and even potentially shin guards. Usually, gyms provide the proper protective gear. So they have head protection for trainees. But, you will certainly need your own shin guard protectors and gloves. Be sure to find good equipment to go along with the best kickboxing shoes!


What is the best type of shoe for kickboxing? ›

“I prefer flat cross training shoes that are both flexible and provide stability to my foot when I do any cardio kickbox class,” Cervantes tells us. Essentially, you want something that feels like an extension of your foot and allows you to be kick out your leg and turn quickly.

What type of shoes are recommended for cardio kickboxing activities Why? ›

Shoes made of materials that are breathable, well-ventilated, and lightweight are considered suitable for kickboxing. Opt for shoes with featherlight synthetics, a front mesh panel, and synthetic leather. Shoes that are able to deliver protection to your feet in every way are generally the ideal choice.

Can you do Muay Thai in shoes? ›

No shoes on the mat.

There is never be a time in life where shoes or flip flops will be allowed on a Muay Thai mat. Take this unspoken rule a bit further by taking care of your feet. If you've had a long day, rub those dogs down with hand sanitizer before class.

Should I wear running shoes for boxing? ›

“Just like you would wear running shoes on a run, spin shoes in a spin class or basketball shoes when playing a weekend pickup game, you should wear boxing shoes to get the most out of your boxing workout.” says Jeremiah Maestre, a New York City boxing trainer.

What do kickboxers wear on their feet? ›

Kickboxing foot wraps are a piece of equipment that is very similar to hand bandages but wrapped around the ankles. They protect your feet and ankles from injury and give you extra grip and stability in the ring.

What should you wear for kickboxing? ›

Athletic sneakers, pants or shorts that you can comfortably kick in without getting tangled or flashing anyone, and a top that allows for easy movement when punching and jabbing are all good choices. You won't need protective gear or gloves, as most cardio-based kickboxing classes do not use punching bags.

What do you wear on your feet when kickboxing? ›

In kickboxing you will be pivoting on your toes often, so you will want a lightweight shoe that has a thin, flexible sole with a good amount of grip to resist slipping. It's also helpful to have a breathable upper since these classes get pretty hot and sweaty.

Can I wear socks during kickboxing? ›

Aerobic Kickboxing

Proper fighting form is not emphasized as much as engaging in a fun high-impact workout. Because of this, shoes and socks are recommended, just like at any other aerobics class.

Can you wear socks in kickboxing? ›

Most martial arts are practiced barefoot. But upon checking with the instructor, many will allow practitioners to wear socks if preferred or medically necessary. However, martial art mats can be slippery when wearing socks, so non-slip socks are best.

How many miles should I run for Muay Thai? ›

Road work. Road running is considered a bedrock of cardio work for Muay Thai fighters, so they'll typically run 3-5 miles daily. They'll add plyometric drills and stretches to this to help improve performance and maintain flexibility.

What boxing boots did Tyson wear? ›

Geezers Tyson Leather Boot - A mid cut 'Tyson' boxing boot, with the look and feel of the classic boots.

Should boxing shoes be tight? ›

In general, boxing shoes fit like regular shoes. They should fit the form of your foot but, given that they are higher, they support your ankle and lower shin. Boxing shoes should be comfortable – not too tight and not too loose. They must be tied snugly to protect your foot and prevent injury if you fall or misstep.

How much of a difference do boxing shoes make? ›

While some styles of boxing forego shoes and fighters fight barefoot, boxing shoes still serve many important purposes. They provide support, grip, and protection while in the ring and during a fight, giving you a steadier, more precise stance and better movement.

What boxing shoes does Canelo wear? ›

The biggest star in boxing today, Canelo Alvarez, wears Under Armour boxing shoes for most of his fights. He has a signature model he wears in many fights with different coloring.

What shoes does Floyd Mayweather wear? ›

Floyd Mayweather owns some of the best sneakers in the world. But he clearly appears to be a fan of Nike. His footwear collection mostly showcases Nike models, but several more pairs into the set can send the fans into a frenzy. Floyd Mayweather has his own TMT Brand, and he often promotes his own merchandise.

How long do boxing shoes last? ›

However, thinner soles have the tendency to wear quickly and that's the reason why pro-boxer do not use their boxing shoes for more than 40-50 rounds. If you're an amateur boxer or just starting out, even shoes with thinner soles can last up to 8-12 months.

How do you wrap your feet for kickboxing? ›

How to Wrap Feet for Kickboxing - YouTube

What type of clothing is recommended to be worn while engaged in cardio kickboxing? ›

Athletic sneakers, pants or shorts that you can comfortably kick in without getting tangled or flashing anyone, and a top that allows for easy movement when punching and jabbing are all good choices. You won't need protective gear or gloves, as most cardio-based kickboxing classes do not use punching bags.

What can you wear if you don't have boxing shoes? ›

The good news is you don't need boxing shoes right away. As a beginner, you can get by with regular sneakers. However, as your training continues and intensifies, you are going to want to buy a pair of shoes specifically designed for boxers.

Do you need equipment for kickboxing? ›

A participant will need things like gloves, hand wraps, and sufficient clothing. Aspects more unique to kickboxing include things such as shin and foot guards. Using things like punching bags, mitts, a jump rope, and a kettlebell will help you grow as a fighter.


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