7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (2023)

With the growth of e-commerce, residential multifamily buildings have had to grapple with a new problem – receiving packages on behalf of residents and handling the last-mile delivery to those tenants.

Residential buildings are overwhelmed with incoming packages. According to a recent survey, 84% of Americans shop online part of or most of the time. And that was before COVID-19.


  • Chapter 1: What Are Package Lockers?
  • Chapter 2: How Much Does a Package Locker System Cost?

Since COVID-19, most Americans are shopping for everything online. Grocery delivery orders alone are up 218% for the leading grocery delivery brand Instacart and the overall portion of the population using a grocery-delivery service has increased 91% (from 22% pre-COVID to 42% today) in just a few short weeks

It’s clear multifamily residential buildings were already struggling to keep up with the high-volume amount of packages being delivered before COVID, and are even worse since COVID.

A solution? Package lockers.

What Are Package Lockers for Residential Buildings?

Package lockers are a PropTech solution designed for multifamily residential buildings with a high-volume package receiving room. It provides a service for residents of multi-tenant communities to receive larger packages that can’t fit in mailboxes at any time, and pick up those packages at their convenience from a locker that is storing their package.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (1)

Above: Example of a package locker system from Urban House Apartments in Grand Peaks, TX.

Package Lockers vs. Mailroom Management Software

Another mailroom innovation for residential buildings is mailroom management software. Mailroom management apps help residential mailrooms optimize the entire package management process – allowing the apartment or building management staff to streamline the entire package processing and management system – from scanning in new package arrivals, managing mailroom inventory, alerting residents of those arrivals, and capturing an electronic signature to authorize the handoff of a package.

Package locker systems go a step further – eliminating the need for building staff to be in the package management process altogether. Package lockers allow delivery couriers to enter the building’s package locker area or room and drop off new packages. These package locker systems then automate the entire process – from adding new packages to the mailrooms inventory to alerting residents of new arrivals. It also allows for residents to pick up packages on their time, in a self-serving manner.

Benefits of Package Lockers for Residents

For many residents that live in a building without a concierge, the last-mile delivery of a bulky package is a significant pain point.

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The most common package locker features that residents benefit from include:

  • Self-service package retrieval 24/7 using a fob key, pin code, access card, or QR code
  • Enhanced security thwarting package theft and misplacements
  • SMS and email alerts for delivery alerts
  • Outbound package shipping for sending packages or returning e-commerce purchases

For many residents, if you’re not home to sign for a package and pick it up at the moment of arrival, it is redirected to a parcel depot station. These stations can be difficult to locate, are often a far distance from the original destination, and require residents to figure out how they’re going to transport their large package back home.

With package lockers, residents don’t have to plan their schedules around the arrival of a package. New deliveries are simply placed in the parcel locker, alerts the resident of its arrival, and tenants can pick them up at their discretion.

Benefits of Package Lockers for Multi-Tenant Building Management & Staff

The most common benefits from package lockers for residential buildings include:

  • Automated package management system, eliminating the need for building staff to manual handle and sort packages
  • Physical locker rooms that declutter lobbies and mailrooms
  • Automated resident alerts to notify of new packages
  • Surveillance and security systems to protect residents’ packages
  • 24/7 customer support

Deliveries are taken directly to the package lockers instead of the lobby, front desk, concierge, or mailroom. From there, packages are scanned directly into the system and alerts the resident of its arrival. All customer support issues are managed by the locker company or the delivery company.

This allows multifamily buildings to completely offload the package delivery system and process for their staff – freeing up resources and building staff, as well as creating a better experience for both building staff and residents.

How Much Does a Package Locker System Cost?

Package locker companies do not advertise prices on their websites. However, it’s reported that a package locker management system costs residential apartment buildings between $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the number of units in the building. There are also monthly service and support fees that run between $1.50 to $6.00 per compartment.

7 Best Package Lockers for Apartment & Condo Buildings in 2020

Although package lockers for apartments are a new multifamily housing trend, there are still more than a handful of companies offering parcel locker services.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (3)

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1. Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers

Overview: The Hub is a new product launched by Amazon that gives residential communities apartment lockers to store packages and parcels upon arrival, letting residents pick up their packages whenever it is convenient for them.

The Hub accepts all packages, including deliveries from competing e-commerce delivery companies. There are also two types of locker sizes buildings can choose – a starter version with 42 compartments per locker that are 6-feet high, and an expander version that adds an additional 23 compartments per locker.

Price: N/A – however Amazon says there is a one-time, upfront cost to its locker service that has no ongoing subscription fees once installed.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (4)

2. Luxer One

Overview: Luxer One is a package locker company that supplies physical parcel lockers for commercial and residential buildings, universities, retail spaces, and co-working offices. Luxer One’s purpose is to accept every new package upon arrival, eliminating the need for building tenants to go to a postal office or UPS/FedEx dropoff location to pick up packages that were turned away from a building.

Luxer One offers indoor & outdoor lockers, controlled and locked package rooms, and refrigerated lockers. Its features include video surveillance, overflow rooms, a reporting & management SaaS dashboard, tenant and resident SMS and email notifications, and multiple locker sizes for all building types – we discovered 7 different locker types, ranging in size.

Price: $6,900 for an entry-level, 14-compartment package locker system, plus a $1.50-per-compartment maintenance and tech support fee. Depending on the size of the package locker, Luxer One’s price can reach $20,000+ for premiere products.

3. DHL PackStation

Overview: PackStation is a package locker system owned and operated by DHL. What started with 24/7 self-service, automated package dispatch stations across Germany turned into a residential-centric package locker system for apartment buildings offering. Like other parcel lockers, PackStation allows residents to accept packages even when they’re not home.

PackStation also gives residents the ability to return or send prepaid packages directly from their building at no cost by placing packages in the drop-off box in the locker room. Additional features include security surveillance, automated locker-to-resident interaction allowing tenants to scan a barcode to unlock their locker unit, and SMS and email notifications for residents.

Price: N/A – contact for a custom quote.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (6)

4. Package Concierge

Overview: Package Concierge is an automated, self-service package management locker system for retail, universities, co-working spaces, and commercial and multifamily residential buildings. Package Concierge’s lockers allow all delivery services to access its locker rooms without the help of building management or leasing staff. The company separates its offering into two solutions – an on-premise, physical locker system for handling incoming and outgoing packages, as well as a software solution to pair with the lockers to help automate package management.

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Package Concierge offers three types of parcel locker solutions – all of which offer around a dozen different sizes and specifications.

  • Element Series for outdoor environments
  • Premiere Series for indoor spaces and is heavily fortified using traditionally strong materials and cutting-edge security technology.
  • Express Series for smaller, to-go spaces that don’t require heavy surveillance.

The company then adds on its Package Concierge Room System software solution. This system allows buildings to pair it with the lockers to eliminate the need for building management staff to handle packages altogether, provide 24/7 resident access to their packages, provide resident notifications, and communicate with couriers and mail companies for outbound packages.

Price: $20,000 for an entry-level, 34-compartment locker storage system, plus a monthly service fee (less than $2 per unit), with prices increasing for larger locker systems and additional compartments.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (7)

5. SpaceSaver

Overview: SpaceSaver is a company that offers dozens storage and shelving solutions across industries – incluing an electronic package locker storage system for residential buildings. It allows packages to be delivered at any time, lets building management focus completely handoff package management through automation, and gives residents the tools to pick up and send packages at their convenience.

Additional features include automated, e-check in for packages, email and SMS alerts for residents to notify them of package arrival, and overall package tracking features for both the building and the tenants.

Price: N/A – contact for a custom quote.

7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (8)

6. Parcel Pending

Overview: Parcel Pending is a smart package management solution from the manufacturing and mailing-solutions company Quadient. It offers products that are built specifically for multifamily, commercial, retail, and university buildings.

Parcel Pending’s physical lockers come in a variety of sizes that are built for both indoor and outdoor spaces, are customizable with colors and wraps to match the aesthetic of the property’s branding, and allows residents to pick up packages at their convenience.

Its smart software solution integrates with a building’s existing property management software that streamlines the package notification, management, and retrieval process for both building staff and tenants.

Price: $6,900 for an entry-level 13-compartment locker system, with a monthly service fee of around $3 per unit that covers maintenance and service feeds and a one-time $15 fee per resident to use the service. Additional package locker towers can be added a la carte at $2,180 each – which the average cost of a Parcel Pending locker system costing $14,000.

7. Smiota

Overview: Smiota is a package-locker company for corporate, retail, university, and residential buildings. Smiota provides buildings with physical smart lockers that manage package delivery and storage, and allows residents to pick up bigger packages at their convenience safely and securely. The company also offers laundry, oversized, and refrigerated lockers.

Price: N/A on Smiota’s website and requires you to submit a contact form for more information.

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7 Best Package Lockers for Residential Buildings in 2020 - 2ndKitchen (10)

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Do package lockers work? ›

And its door will automatically open so he can place the package in once he closes the locker door

How much are luxer lockers? ›

The cost of Luxer One lockers is between $6,000 – $20,000 depending on the locker configuration you choose. Although exact pricing is unavailable on Luxer One's website, in the past, costs began at $6,000 for its smallest unit, not including monthly maintenance fees. To get a quote, reach out to Luxer One directly.

How much are smart lockers? ›

How much do package lockers cost?
Purchase pricing36 Month lease
Monthly support$148$148
24×7 software supportIncluded in supportIncluded in support
Tenant registration fee$0$0
3 more rows
27 Feb 2019

What are smart parcel lockers? ›

A smart locker is a storage solution that has integrated technology built into it, allowing it to automate package delivery, notification, and distribution. This enables clients with smart package lockers to simplify the package pickup process, making it more convenient for their customers.

How long can you leave your package in a parcel locker? ›

Typically, parcel lockers can hold packages up to one week or 10 days.

What is the difference between a PO box and a parcel locker? ›

One key differentiating factor sets them apart: parcel lockers may be privately owned, while the United States Postal Service owns a post office mailbox. P.O. boxes usually hold letters, magazines, and other small deliveries, while lockers can hold multiple packages.

Do I have to pay for Luxer One? ›

Luxer One comes with a significant upfront cost, plus a monthly fee for technology, video surveillance, and support.

Does UPS use Luxer One? ›

Luxer One - UPS Store - Luxer One UPS Store.

What is Luxer One locker? ›

The Luxer One package locker is an automated smart locker system designed for non-gated multi-family residences, retail stores, and commercial complexes that do not have a front desk or lobby. With the Luxer One package delivery system, the carrier can deliver packages safely and securely.

How much are Snaile lockers? ›

The size and cost for a Snaile system in a multiresidential building depends on its unit count and age demographic, with more lockers recommended for those with younger residents who are prone to order more online. The cost for 200 units, taking up a five-metre-wide space, is about $25,000.

How does package concierge work? ›

Most postal carriers can register with Package Concierge to deliver packages. In multifamily buildings, Package Concierge sends an email notification to residents whenever they have a delivery. Residents can either scan a barcode or enter a delivery PIN to retrieve their package from the locker.

What is a parcel locker apartment? ›

Parcel lockers work by sending emails to tenants after a package has been deposited into their drawer. Recipients have several days to pick up their parcel before they are charged a fee and the packages are mailed back to the sender. Each tenant is assigned a drawer that they can open upon receiving the key.

How does a smart locker system work? ›

How does a Smart Locker work? Once a package is delivered to a smart locker, the recipient is automatically notified that their package is ready for pickup and provided with access instructions (usually in the form of a code, order number or barcode that can be scanned by the locker).

Does FedEx have delivery lockers? ›

Both UPS and FedEx have tested parcel lockers, but have not embraced them because of the high capital cost. Carrier parcel lockers in the USA cost over US$30,000 per cluster, plus utilities and annual rent.

What is parcel pending by Quadient? ›

Parcel Pending by Quadient is a smart locker system that provides a secure and simple way for residents to pick up their package deliveries 24/7. What's great about Parcel Pending is that residents do not have to wait for their concierge to be open to be able to pick up their parcel deliveries.

What can't be delivered to parcel lockers? ›

What can't be delivered to parcel lockers? Some of the items that can't be delivered to parcel lockers are those prohibited by the courier (explosive and other dangerous materials, illegal products, etc.) and those that, because of their measurements, don't fit in the parcel locker.

What does 1P mean on mailbox? ›

> If you Google "1P 2P mailbox", you'll see that those labels are used for the doors on a mailbox for incoming packages, not outgoing mail. Usually.

Does USPS leave a key for parcel locker? ›

The parcel locker is used for items that are too large to fit in an individual box (compartment) within the Cluster Box. A key will be left in the mailbox to be used as a parcel locker key. This key has a tag that indicates the parcel locker that contains the item.

What is a full parcel locker USPS? ›

A parcel locker is a secure container that lets mailers receive large packages. Parcel lockers are perfect for packages that don't fit into standard mailboxes. Rather than make multiple delivery attempts, shippers can leave them in a parcel locker, where they'll be held for the recipient to collect.

Does USPS have parcel lockers? ›

Outdoor parcel lockers also come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Shared by tenants of a building, a USPS-approved OPL allows mailers to conveniently receive large packages from the USPS in a secure and locked receptacle.

Are parcel lockers faster? ›

David McNamara, Australia Post's General Manager of the Post Office Network, has said that the parcel lockers offer a faster and safer option for parcel delivery.

How do I get a Luxer One code? ›

On the Luxer One Resident Portal

' link, enter your email address, and we will email you a link to reset your password and log in. Click the 'Request Temporary Access Code' button at the top of the 'Orders' tab, and we will send you a temporary access code to enter the package room.

How do I get a package from Luxer One? ›

Carriers deliver packages to the Luxer One system, assign the delivery to the resident associated with the delivery, and then the resident receives a notification with an access code to pick up their package. The resident enters the access code and retrieves their package.

How do you open a Luxor locker? ›

Luxer Lockers: How It Works for Residents - YouTube

Are Amazon lockers free? ›

What is an Amazon Hub Locker? Amazon Hub Locker is a fully automated, secure and convenient delivery solution for customers to pick up their Amazon packages at no additional cost.

What is Luxor box? ›

The Luxor Box subscription box is an extremely limited membership luxury subscription box, delivering a beautifully wrapped signature box, filled with a selection of high-end, unique, and luxurious products, to your door.

Does luxer one have an app? ›

The Luxer One app lets you easily manage all your package deliveries in one place. Visit luxerone.com to learn more about Luxer One's package management solutions for your world.

What is luxer one package room? ›

Luxer Room is a simple technology that adds a layer of controlled access to any package room. Carriers deliver directly to the room with their delivery access code. Package recipients receive a text message with a one-time use access code to enter and retrieve their package.

How do you use an apartment locker? ›

To set up an Amazon Locker, you need to speak to your property manager to register your home address and email with the kiosk in your apartment building or property. Once your address is added to the Apartment Locker, you can order packages to your home address and pick them up from the locker.

Can you ship to an Amazon locker? ›

Instead of having a package delivered to your home or business address, you can have it delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker location and collect your package at a time that suits you. When your package arrives at the Locker, we'll send you a delivery confirmation email with instructions on how to pick up at the Locker.

What is parcel Santa? ›

Parcel Santa is a concierge service for parcels within high-rise estates; ensuring safe and efficien. Page · Product/service. Singapore, Singapore. +65 6584 8884. info@parcelsanta.com.

What is a Canada Post parcel locker? ›

It's a convenient locker in an apartment building where we can deliver your parcels if you aren't home. Pick your parcels up when you're ready or use it to drop off your own mail.

Does USPS use package concierge? ›

Package Lockers by Package Concierge: USPS Training - YouTube

Does Amazon use package concierge? ›

Amazon and USPS Package Approved Package Concierge Lockers

The Package Concierge Premier Locker Series is a high-quality, easy-to-use automated locker system, with cutting-edge technology at its core.

How big is a parcel locker? ›

Parcel locker sizes
Small:44cm wide x 11cm high x 45cm deep
Medium:44cm wide x 26cm high x 45cm deep
Large:44cm wide x 73cm high x 45cm deep
Extra-large:42cm wide x 117cm high x 45 cm deep

How do you pick a lock for a parcel locker? ›

How To Open Your Mailbox WITHOUT a Key - YouTube

How long does a parcel stay in an Inpost locker? ›

Once presented at the locker, this QR code will allow you to collect your Parcel. Your Parcel will be available for collection for 72 hours following delivery to the specified Parcel Machine.

What is a smart lock on a door? ›

Smart locks are keyless door locks that allow you to open your door without a physical key. They can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Many models feature a numeric keypad on the lock for entering a unique access code.

What is a DHL parcel locker? ›

Secure containers that allow major shipping companies and mailers (think UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the like) to deliver packages and parcels to, these lockers were originally designed to create a more efficient drop-off and delivery system for customers that couldn't receive packages at home or a variety of different ...

Can UPS deliver to a parcel locker? ›

The UPS Access Point Locker system allows users to have their packages delivered to a designated locker location. By signing up for UPS My Choice program, a free online service, the customer can divert his or her delivery to a designated locker instead of his or her home.

Does FedEx use Amazon lockers? ›

Does FedEx Deliver to Amazon Lockers? Yes, FedEx does deliver to Amazon Hub Locker locations. They commonly work with Amazon throughout the United States — and Amazon relies on them, as well as other mail carriers, to help deliver packages quickly.

How much is the Parcel Pending fee? ›

If your package is left in the parcel for longer than 3 days you will be charged a $3 dollar storage fee per day. How do I know my credit card data is secure? Parcel Pending is dedicated to ensuring the security of resident credit card information.

How big are Parcel Pending lockers? ›

The standard Parcel Pending indoor locker is 79 inches tall, 39.5 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

How do I use Parcel Pending lockers? ›

With the Parcel Pending app, a user's smartphone can communicate with the parcel locker system itself. Residents can simply tap a button on their phone, and the corresponding locker will open. Recipients are then free to collect their package and get on with their day.

What can't be delivered to parcel lockers? ›

What can't be delivered to parcel lockers? Some of the items that can't be delivered to parcel lockers are those prohibited by the courier (explosive and other dangerous materials, illegal products, etc.) and those that, because of their measurements, don't fit in the parcel locker.

Do parcel lockers have cameras? ›

All deliveries and customer pick-ups are monitored, tracked, and verified by Parcel Pending's built-in cameras and infrared scanners to guarantee safety and security. That means that delivery attempts are also monitored and verified.

Why did my package get delivered to a parcel locker? ›

You're tracking a mailpiece and the status shows “Delivered/Parcel Locker.” What does that mean? This could mean that your recipient is using a cluster box unit (CBU) or an outdoor parcel locker (OPL).

What does it mean when USPS says it was delivered to a parcel locker? ›

The parcel locker is used for items that are too large to fit in an individual box (compartment) within the Cluster Box. A key will be left in the mailbox to be used as a parcel locker key.

How do I use a 24/7 parcel locker? ›

How to send a parcel using InPost Parcel Lockers 24/7 - YouTube

How big is a parcel locker? ›

Parcel locker sizes
Small:44cm wide x 11cm high x 45cm deep
Medium:44cm wide x 26cm high x 45cm deep
Large:44cm wide x 73cm high x 45cm deep
Extra-large:42cm wide x 117cm high x 45 cm deep

What happens if you dont collect from parcel locker? ›

You will need to collect your parcel within 7 calendar days from receipt of the Delivery Advice Notification. If you don't collect your parcel from the designated Collection Point within 7 calendar days, it will be returned to sender.

How do you collect something from a parcel locker? ›

Pick up from a Parcel Locker

Go to the Parcel Locker bay where your delivery is waiting and follow the instructions on the locker screen to collect your parcel.

Is a parcel locker a mailbox? ›

A mailbox parcel locker, as the name suggests, is a large compartment that serves as a drop-off for incoming packages and other forms of large mail. They are used in centralized mail delivery systems, such as Cluster Box Units (CBUs) and STD-4C mailboxes.

How do you open a parcel locker? ›

Parcel Lockers - How It Works - YouTube

What does 1P mean on mailbox? ›

> If you Google "1P 2P mailbox", you'll see that those labels are used for the doors on a mailbox for incoming packages, not outgoing mail. Usually.

Are cluster mailboxes owned by USPS? ›

You might initially assume that the USPS is responsible for cluster mailbox repair. In some scenarios, this may be the case (it depends on the property). However, the property owner is solely responsible for mailbox repairs and maintenance.

What is a cluster box? ›

A cluster box unit (CBU) mailbox is a freestanding, pedestal-mounted mailbox that consists of multiple mailbox compartments and parcel lockers that can lock individually. The United States Postal Service (USPS) will deliver mail and parcels to the mailbox compartments and parcel lockers.

What do I do with my mailbox key when I move? ›

When you move out, leave the mailbox key(s) with the owner, manager or next resident. Any duplicate keys that you had made should also be left when you move out. If you have a key in your mailbox it is likely because you are using a Cluster Box. These units often have parcel lockers.

How do I know which cluster mailbox is mine? ›

How Do I Determine Which Mailbox is Mine? All individual mailboxes should have an adhesive placard or engraved number or figure as identification. Property management can use any identification system so that tenants will know which mailbox belongs to them.

How do I know if my mailbox is owned by USPS? ›

You may visit your local Post Office. Who is Responsible for the Mailbox? Verify whether or not the boxes are owned and maintained by the US Postal Service®.


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