8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (2023)

“I already know what kind of weed I like, which pipes work for me, and who makes the best blunts. So why would I need a marijuana subscription box?”

We hear you, we do. But, life is like a box of chocolates isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be?

Well, just look at it this way — when was the last time you ventured out and bought something new and exciting? Do you remember the time when joints and CBD gummies gave you butterflies in your stomach?

If your regular marijuana products don’t spark as much joy as they once did, you should try out a subscription box. With it, you can dabble in some new products and even find your new essentials.

Because even though you might not be able to buy happiness, you can buy a new weed pipe, and that’s pretty freaking close!

Why You Need a Marijuana Subscription Box Right Now

With a marijuana subscription box, you can get your hands on some of the latest and coolest weed accessories. Every month, you’ll get an incredible selection of pipes, papers, and cleaning tools that would make any weed-lover jump for joy.

And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your home! This makes this one of the best COVID-19 purchases you can make (after face masks, toilet paper and hand sanitizer of course).

When you subscribe to a plan, a company will send you its best products, all neatly wrapped in some funky packaging to your doorstep every month.






Daily High Club

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (1)

"Cool variety, light hearted, stoner-centric"


*2021 Best Seller

Hemper Box

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (2)

"Heavily customizable, stoner daily essentials/supplies"



(Video) Is Cannabox Worth the Money? Weed Subscription Box

Hippie Butler Box

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (3)

"Only premium brands, solid variety, wraps, pipes, trays"



8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (4)

"Recognizable brands, nice balance between gear and snacks"


420 Goody Box

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (5)

"Most snack heavy box, cool limited editions like Rick & Morty themed box"


HERBCEO for 10% off your order!


(Video) The Weed Box // September 2022 Smokers Box Unboxing +Discount Code 18+

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (6)

"High-end premium cannabis brands only, for luxury-minded smokers"



8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (7)

"Most cohesive themes, light, fun, popular with women"


HERBCEO10 for 10% off your order!


8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (8)

"OG of the weed subcription boxes, solid goodies, has complete headshop too"


FRIEND10 for 10% off your order!

Before You Get a Marijuana Subscription Box, Consider This

First, think about the price-quality ratio for every box you want to buy. Some companies (none of which are on this list) put too much filler in their boxes. Instead of giving you the essentials and something new to play with, they’ll just send you a bunch of stickers or lanyards.

So before you settle on a box, make sure it features the things you actually use in your everyday smoking.

Also, consider what kinds of themes the company picks for its subscription boxes. For example, if you often smoke with your partner, there are a ton of boxes with a sexy or sultry theme.

On the other hand, if you’re a loner stoner, you might be better off getting a box that’s tailored for just one person.

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (9)
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1. Daily High Club Box — Best in Show

Daily High Club is one of the biggest and most popular marijuana subscription companies out there. The DHC sells pretty much everything from rolling papers to dab rigs, glass pipes, accessories, and apparel.

Also, they often do collaborations and have featured some celebs like Eric Khan, Chanel West Coast, and Tommy Chong! Another cool thing about the DHC is that in addition to their regular monthly boxes, you can also buy ones from previous collections.

The Subscription Selection

Once you become a Daily High Club member, you’ll get to pick from three different marijuana boxes:

  • All Natural
  • Connoisseur
  • El Primo


Rawsentials is the DHC’s cheapest box that costs only $9.99 a month for some premium Raw goodies! Of course, you’ll also have to pay for shipping which is $2 for the US and $3.25 for the rest of the world.

But when it’s all said and done, you’ll have a box full of all your essentials for less than five bucks.

In the Rawsentials, you’ll get:

  • Raw all natural rolling papers
  • Raw natural filter tips
  • Raw clipper lighter
  • Raw branded stickers


If you’re looking for something more than just rolling papers and want to up your smoking game, you should go for the Connoisseur. In this box, you’ll get seven to nine carefully selected products for just $10 a month.

You’ll have the essentials, like rolling papers, lighters, and tips. But DHC will also send you a couple of wildcards, like snacks and cleaning accessories. So if you’re not a weed connoisseur by now, you’ll definitely become one with this box.


EL PRIMO is the big daddy, the DHC box to rule them all, with a unique theme every month. It comes with about a dozen items every time, and you’ll get a huge selection of products from different companies.

Not only that, but every EL PRIMO box also comes with a glass pipe that’s fancy enough to put on your mantle.

That, coupled with some cleaning accessories, snacks, and the essentials makes the EL PRIMO box the one of best on the market.

2. Hemper Box — Best Custom Products

Hemper is currently killing the game with its subscription boxes, and their customer base is growing by the hundreds every month. No matter which box you get, Hemper will send you the smoking essentials, plus a fun little surprise.

Just like with DHC, if none of the boxes that are available now spark joy, you can go through the bestseller list and find something you like.

If you like the company’s choice and service, you can opt to have your box delivered once a month, or every two or three months.

The Subscription Selection

Once you settle on a box, all you have to do is select the frequency of delivery and a payment method. Then, on the 13th or 15th every month, Hemper will send it to you in discreet packaging.

Build-A-Box Core

With the Build-a-Box Core, you can pick out your six essential products and have Hemper deliver them to your doorstep. There are eight different categories you can choose from:

  • Rolling papers
  • Flavored rolling papers
  • Wraps
  • Cones
  • Filters
  • Lighters
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Accessories

The Core Box has an excellent value for the price and Hemper has a wide selection of products. So if you don’t like leaving your home to get your essentials every time, the Core is for you.

Build-A-Box Plus

The Build-a-Box Plus is pretty similar to the Core, except that you get a premium item along with your six essentials.

In addition to the categories above, you’ll get to choose from the premium tab, which features products like:

  • Rolling trays
  • Glass pads
  • Ashtrays
  • Joint rollers
  • Smaller pipes
  • Hemper Keepers

The Hemper Keepers are pretty cool storage pieces that have herb grinders and removable tethers. Also, the Keepers have smell-proof tops and are small enough so that you can keep them on your belt or keychain.

The Hemper Box

The Hemper Box is the company’s bestseller and it provides incredible value for its price. In this box, you’ll get 11 items with a retail value of over $125.

Each box features a couple of products from the essential and premium line.

But more importantly, the experts from Hemper will give you a unique mystery glass every month. Also, if you decide to prepay for a few boxes, you can get a discount of up to 15%!

3. Hippie Butler Box — Best Personalized Box

With its huge selection of products, Hippie Butler is truly breaking the grass ceiling.

Not only will you be able to get all your favorite products in one box for a bargain, but Hippie Butler will actually help you find it.

Once you open their website, you’ll have to click on the huge Create My Box button. It will take you through a couple of different steps, and by the end of it, your high noons will be higher than ever.

The Subscription Selection

The first step toward finding your holy grail Hippie Butler box is deciding how much you want to spend and what you want to get. Then, you can pick out one of the five boxes:

  • The Party Favor
  • Rollers Club
  • Butler Box
  • Masters Club
  • Mod Sun Opulent Box

The Party Favor

The Party Favor is Hippie Butler’s most basic box that’ll only set you back a dollar plus shipping every month. In it, you’ll find rolling papers, matches, and filter tips.

The box itself is nothing to write home about, but it’s a good choice if all you want are the essentials.

Rollers Club

The Rollers Club is the company’s second cheapest box, but it’s a pretty big step up from the Party Favor.

If you subscribe to this box, you’ll get a selection of lighters, pre-rolled cones, papers, and hemp wraps. But Hippie Butler also includes a special mystery item every month in the Rollers Club box.

Butler Box

The Butler Box is a fan-favorite and has pretty much everything you need to take your smoking game to the next level.

In addition to the things you get with the Rollers and Party boxes, Hippie Butler will also give you a rolling tray, candy treat, grinder, and a glass piece.

With this box, you can also choose whether you want to have more dry blends or concentrates.

Masters Club

If you get the Masters Club box, you’ll get $200’s worth of weed accessories and essentials, for only a fraction of the total cost.

Master’s Club is the perfect choice for all the weed connoisseurs and those who enjoy the finer (or higher) things in life.

Mod Sun Opulent Box

The Opulent Box is a limited edition joint effort between Hippie Butler and Mod Sun. Even though it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, it includes high-quality RooR products that no weed lover should be without.

Note that unlike the other boxes, this is a one-time purchase option. Why? Because the gear in it is insanely high quality. We’re talking a rolling hard case, Roor glass products, torches etc. The Mod Sun box is for serious ganjafarians only.

4. PufferBox — Best Glass Pieces

If you love collecting weed accessories or putting all your glass pieces on display, the PufferBox is the right choice for you.

Every month, the PufferBox team picks out six to ten items and delivers them to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Let’s check out what’s usually inside.

The Subscription Selection

Unlike some other companies we’ve mentioned, PufferBox doesn’t offer different tiers of boxes. Instead, you can either subscribe to their monthly plan or choose one of its more popular gift options.

PufferBox Monthly Plan

With the monthly plan, you’ll get a box chock-full of smoking gadgets and accessories. From time to time, PufferBox also includes some of its merch, so you can expect a cool tee every few months or so.

If you prepay for the plan three to six months in advance, you can save yourself a couple of bucks. Also, you’ll get more PufferPoints, which you can redeem in the shop later.

PufferBox Starter Pack

If you’re just entering the stoned age or want to help out someone else start their collection, you should go for the Starter Pack. Inside, you’ll find a lighter, grinder, tin case, and a beautiful glass piece.

Home Alone Pack

The Home Alone pack is the ultimate gift for all of you who love smoking alone. It features a lighter, magnetic grinder, rolling papers, and a small glass pipe that’s perfect for just a couple of puffs at a time.

PufferBox Pink Pack

If you love all things pink or know someone else who does, the Pink Pack will make all your cotton candy dreams come true. Did we tell you this is Paris Hilton’s favorite level?

With the glamorous Pink Pack you’ll get a vibrant pink lighter and a case for it, as well as rolling papers and some incense. But the jewel of the entire pack is a stunning pink glass bubbler.

Puffer Gift Box Deluxe

The Gift Box Deluxe is jam-packed with the unique smoking accessories and gadgets that PufferBox offers. With this one, you’ll get all of your essentials, like papers and cones, but also a smoking hot glass piece.

5. 420 Goody Box — Best Assorted Goodies ***Use discount code HERBCEO for 10% off your order***

The 420 Goody Box is possibly one of the best marijuana subscription boxes for all those who love weed accessories more than anything. The boxes offer a wide variety of snacks, gadgets, and gizmos that you’ll never want to put down.

The Subscription Selection

When you order off the 420 Goody Box website, you’ll have two boxes to choose from: The OG and the Top Shelf. Both have monthly themes and are simply loaded with all kinds of accessories that every weed-lover is bound to enjoy.

(Video) Top 10 Weed Subscription Boxes | Choose the Right Stoner 420 Box for your Needs!

The OG Goody Box

The OG Goody Box is the company’s cheapest and most popular box, and it features five to nine surprise items.

Even though most of the items in it are a mystery, 420 Goody Box guarantees that you’ll get either a vape or glass pipe every month.

The retail value of the OG is over $100 and you’ll get free shipping with your order. Also, 420 Goody Box will send it to your door on the 20th every month in discreet packaging.

The Top Shelf Goody Box

Inside the Top Shelf box, you’ll find 7–13 mystery items every month that have a retail value of over $200. Inside, there’s a vape pen or glass piece, along with some candy, cleaning products, and much more.

420 Goody Box sends out the Top Shelf packages on the 25th every month. Of course, like with most companies, you can prepay for your boxes a couple of months in advance.

By doing so, you can save yourself a couple of bucks and the hassle of having to order a new one every month.

6. AuBox — Most Luxurious

As the world’s first luxury marijuana subscription company, AuBox has turned the weed industry on its head.

With its deluxe packaging and high-quality products, the company wants to get rid of the stigma and show that weed isn’t just for stoners anymore.

One thing to keep in mind is that, in addition to accessories and gadgets, AuBox will also send you cannabis products every month. That’s why you need to upload a valid physician’s referral when you sign up.

The Subscription Selection

If you want to treat yourself, your partner, or pet, you’ll find that AuBox has subscriptions that’ll satisfy everyone’s needs.

And if there’s a product that you loved from one of the previous boxes, you can always reorder it from the A La Carte tab.

You can order every box as a one-time purchase, or prepay for three, six, and twelve months.

Day and Night Box

As the name implies, when you order the Day and Night box, you’ll get products to start and finish your day with.

For example, you’ll have some cannabis-infused coffee, snacks, and hot chocolate. Also, you’ll get four Indica and Sativa products.

Edibles Box

If you think the best part of getting high is the munchies, you’ll just love the Edibles Box. Every box features seven to eight delicious treats, like chocolates, popcorn, and cookies.

You’ll also get some soda, tinctures, mints, and candy.

Intimates Box

For those looking for a way to spice up their love life, AuBox curated an Intimates Box. The items inside the box are supposed to enhance your pleasure, no matter if you’re alone or with a partner.

The Intimates Box features cannabis-themed toys, lubricants, snacks, and much more.

Sampler Box

If you’re just getting into the CBD and weed game and want to try out different things, the Sampler Box is the perfect fit for you.

Every box has eight items that will enhance your smoking experience, like pre-rolled cones, edibles and concentrates.

Not to mention the box also has high-CBD, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains in it.

Beauty Box

In the Beauty Box, you’ll find all the things you need to pamper yourself and feel like you’re in a spa. It includes cannabis face masks, creams, and bath treatments.

You’ll also find candy and chocolate in it, along with some pre-rolled cones and delicate, high-quality flowers.

Man Box

Made with the everyday man in mind, AuBox curated the Man Box, which has eight essential items that no guy should go without.

It can include cannabis protein shakes, salves, or beard oils. Of course, just like the other boxes in the range, this one has a cannabis flower and some pre-rolled cones in it.

Pet Box

While you’re shopping for yourself, why not treat your pooches and kitties to a little something too? With the Pet Box, your pets will receive seven to eight items each month that they’ll adore.

Some of the things you can expect to find include non-psychoactive treats, shampoos, lotions, and even toys.

7. SensiBox — Best Themes ***Use promo code HERBCEO10 for 10% off your total order!***

As a newcomer in the weed subscription game, SensiBox has had great success, all thanks to its high-quality boxes.

The Sensi boxes are curated with the everyday smoker in mind, and each one has all the smoking essentials along with a few unique pieces.

The Subscription Selection

When you log onto the SensiBox website, you’ll get to choose from three different boxes:

  • Original
  • Light
  • Special edition

The company ships the boxes between the 10th and 13th every month, and shipping is free if you live in the US.

Of course, if you don’t want to bother with renewing your subscription every month, you can also prepay for three or six months.

Original SensiBox

The Original SensiBox features a unique piece of glassware designed by the Art of Smoke each month. It’s usually a small glass pipe with some cool design or in the shape of an animal, for example.

In addition to the pipe, you’ll also get six more items that can range from the essentials like cones and rolling papers to jewelry and mugs.

SensiLight Box

On the other hand, if you go for the SensiLight box, you’ll only get five items instead of seven. The biggest difference between the two boxes is that this one has more of your day-to-day smoking items.

Also, if you order the SensiLight, you won’t get Art of Smoke glassware.

But the company sometimes lets you add something extra to your box, like a piece of jewelry for a small fee.

SensiBox Special Edition

The Special Edition box is designed to be a one-time purchase and you can’t get a subscription plan for it. It can make the perfect stoner gift and it features things like:

  • Pipes
  • Papers
  • Smoking glass tips
  • Cones
  • A mug
  • Swag gifts, like pins, fresheners, and lanyards

8. The Cannabox Smoking Subscription Box

Last, but certainly not least, we have Cannabox, the “OG smokers subscription box”.

8 Dankest Cannabis Subscription Boxes Of 2022 (10)

When we say OG we mean it. Cannabox was launched way back in 2012 as an answer to Lootcrate, which was exploding in popularity at the time.

Cannabox founder Michael Berk realized there wasn’t a useful subscription service for cannabis lovers who, didn’t always feel like getting up and driving to a store to stock up on rolling papers or filters for example.

Out of this gap in the market Cannabox was born and as of 2020 it was served over 11,000 box subscribers.

Curated by potheads and 420 aficionados the Cannabox comes out with a new theme each month to keep things interesting and regularly include goodies from big names like Raw, Grav Labs and OCB.

The Subscription Selection

Cannabox is pretty simple, you choose between two box tiers depending on how much stuff you want. You then choose your pricing plan which get’s cheaper the longer your plan.

So, you can do a one-time purchase at $35.99 or you can do a pay-as-you-go month-to-month that starts at $30.99/month or you can pony up for 3 months which drops the box price to $29.99/month and if you want the ultimate bargain, you can buy 6 months worth at just $28.99/month.

If you chief kief on the daily then going longer term makes sense as there is no doubt you’ll blow through the supplies in each box.

If you are an occasional tolker then the one-off purchase might be smarter to test the waters so to speak and see if you can even consume all the goodies contained within.

The rad part about Cannabox is they’re not just a monthly smoker supply delivery company they also have a full-fledged shop on their website where you can also buy higher priced items like full-sized bongs and digital vaporizers like the latest PAX for example or the LEVO II cannabis oil infuser machine.

To Wrap Up

There you have it — those were our top seven marijuana subscription boxes and kits. At the end of the day, no matter which box you decide to go for, you’re ganja have a good time with it, so feel free to explore.

(Video) April HEMP CRATE DELTA 8 SUBSCRIPTION BOX UNBOXING legal thc hepcrate.co💜🦇💜

You can mix and match; get a couple of different boxes for you and your friends and have yourselves a true high noon.


What are the best stoner subscription boxes? ›

This is, of course, for legal reasons.
  • The Stoney Babe Box. From $33.00 per box. ...
  • SensiBox. From $31.33 per box. ...
  • The Economist 3-Pack by Dank Box - Premium Rolling Papers Subscription. ...
  • The Puff Pack. ...
  • The Party Favor. ...
  • Stoner Essentials Bundle by Hakuna Supply. ...
  • Vannah Subscription Box (Made in North America) ...
  • Mystery Stoner Boxes.
18 Mar 2022

What is a hippie Butler? ›

Enjoy premium smoking supplies and accessories delivered to your door every month when you sign up with the savviest high-class smoker around, The Hippie Butler! Enjoy wraps, papers, lighters, and so much more delivered to you every month, along with next-level customer service and support.

What all comes in a Cannabox? ›

The Cannabox comes with a complete set of smoking accessories—including SWEEEEEET limited edition bongs, slick-looking hand pipes, rolling papers, and blunt wrappers. Each month you can expect an awesome theme with 6-8 handy accessories.

Is Hemper or daily high club better? ›

This package blows the Daily High Club's “All Natural” option out of the water. With Hemper, you get far better value with king-size rolling papers, a quality lighter, and other smoking accessories. With “All Natural,” in contrast, you only get four items and no mystery gifts.

What is a butler box? ›

Butler's box where your place items for the butler (pressing, shoes, etc.) and they can be retur - Picture of The St. Regis Osaka, Chuo - Tripadvisor. Chuo. Tours.

How much does a Cannabox cost? ›

Shipping near the 20th of every month, your monthly premium subscription box includes essentials, glass apparel and munchies delivered straight to you. All starting at $28.38/month, you're sure to find something that you'll like from our limited time items within Cannabox OG.

Does NUGG club ship? ›

Where does Nugg Club deliver? In Southern California, we deliver to most of Los Angeles and Orange County, some areas of Ventura County, the Inland Empire, and San Diego County! In Northern California, parts of the Bay Area are also covered. New areas are added all the time.

Is Cannabox shipping discreet? ›

DO YOU OFFER DISCREET SHIPPING? Of course! We would never jeopardize your privacy, or safety. Our shipping container does not say cannabox anywhere on it.

What makes a person a hippie? ›

Hippies advocated nonviolence and love, a popular phrase being “Make love, not war,” for which they were sometimes called “flower children.” They promoted openness and tolerance as alternatives to the restrictions and regimentation they saw in middle-class society.

What does being a hippie mean? ›

Hippies were young people in the 1960s and 1970s who rejected conventional ways of living, dressing, and behaving, and tried to live a life based on peace and love. Hippies often had long hair and many took drugs.

What are hippies called now? ›

The Modern Day Hippies

Nowadays, they are called bohemians or naturalists. You can read more about living a bohemian lifestyle or what it means to be a modern day hippie in these articles. Learn more about the movement in the trends and lifestyle sections here.

What does hippy mean in slang? ›

The Dictionary of American Slang defined the word hippie as: 1. A person who is hip or cool, generic for a character who is supper cool, over blasé so far out that he appears to be asleep when he s digging something the most. Many slang words are interchangeable: as if they were synonyms.


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