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Gaming gloves are optional items to have if your hands sweat a lot. Most often, there’s a lot of sweating when you live in a hot environment and play games on a laptop rather than a desktop PC. In a laptop computer, the keypad sits right at the top of the motherboard, which might result in sweaty palms.

Whereas some people naturally have sweaty hands and for them, it’s hard to have a good grip on the controller if they don’t wear proper gaming gloves. Generally, console gamers are more interested in buying gaming gloves as compared to PC gamers. It is easier to tap on the keyboard even if your hands are sweaty, but on a gaming controller, you’ll lose the grip.

Good gaming gloves also provide you comfort from cold or if you have achy hands. Moreover, these gloves have a strong grippy texture which prevents the gaming controller to slip away while your hands are sweaty.

Furthermore, the breathable mesh and built-in wrist support on gaming gloves make your gaming experience more comfortable.

List of the Best Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Here’s what we’ve come across so far:

Ironclad Immortals – Our Favorite Best Pick

Sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large | Closure: Hook

Reasons to Buy:

  • Strong grip
  • Padded wrist support for longer gaming sessions
  • Breathable fabric

Who Should Buy:

  • PC gamers
  • Console gamers
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Ironclad has designed these gaming gloves keeping in mind what hardcore gamers really want. From the breathable fabric to the low-friction ceramic slider pad, the Ironclad immortal gloves are a masterpiece.

The left glove comes with an adjustable wrist pad so you can easily rest your hand on the gaming desk. This also prevents any fatigue or discomfort to your wrist if you deal with long-hour gaming sessions. Moreover, the adjustable wrist pad keeps your hand in the right position to accurately tap the keys on a mechanical keyboard.

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The right glove has a rugged grippy texture on the palm, which gives you better control over the gaming mouse. Some gaming mice are smooth on the top, so the extra grip on Ironclad immoral would give you a nice grip on them.

To provide maximum dexterity to your fingers, Ironclad has introduced a half-finger design on both the left and right pair.

Lastly, both the right and left pair of Ironclad immortals gloves are made up of super breathable fabric. So, you won’t be feeling any stiffness from either side when wearing them. There are plenty of sizes to choose from extra small to extra large, go with the one that fits your hands.

But there are limited colour options to choose from. We really liked the Black/Teal colour, which gives it a decent look. The other two colours to choose from are Black/Grey and Black/Yellow, which to be honest don’t look good at all.

Americ Empire Pro Fingerless – Best Value Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Palms

Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large | Closure Type: Pull-on

Reasons to Buy:

  • Improved temperature control
  • Compression gloves with a moisture-wicking layer
  • Fingerless from the thumb and index finger for improved sensitivity while gaming

Who Should Buy:

  • Console gamers only
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The partial fingerless design makes these compression gaming gloves the right choice for console gamers. Yes, you can use them for PC gaming as well, but the way these are designed makes them more appealing for PS4 or Xbox users.

The half-finger design offered by the Americ Empire Pro gives you more dexterity and sensitivity control as compared to the Ironclad Immortals gaming gloves. However, this is flexibility is limited to your thumb and index finger which are highly involved in gaming.

But the naked thumb and index finger give you more tactile feedback when stroking buttons on your controller. At the same time, other fingers are covered so this glove won’t be a good match for desktop gamers.

But if you are playing simulator games or driving games on a PC that involve a steering wheel, then it’s a good-to-go option in that case.

Both the left and right pair are protected with a moisture-wicking layer, which prevents the controller to slip away from your hands if you sweat a lot. The extra layer also keeps your hand dry and comfortable to hold the gaming controller for long hours.

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The only issue with these gloves is that there are limited sizes available. Also, there are not many colours to choose from if you are too enthusiastic about matching every item with the scheme of your gaming room.

But if you want to keep your hands dry or prevent your sweaty hands from touching your gaming controller, then these are the best bang for your buck gloves.

Foamy Lizard – Best Anti-Sweat Glove for Long-Hour Gaming Sessions

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large | Closure Type: Velcro

Reasons to Buy:

  • Strong grip texture
  • Most comfortable
  • Flexible material

Who Should Buy:

  • PC gamers
  • Console gamers
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The Foamy Lizard’s half-finger design gives plenty of dexterity and control to gamers. You can now freely move all of your fingers while wearing these gaming gloves. These are lightweight and made up of breathable material to prevent sweating on your palms.

Foamy Lizard has introduced a hexagonal-coated palm grip on these gloves to give you plenty of grip over a gaming controller or mouse. You can use these gloves with both the gaming console and desktop PC.

We found these gloves to be super comfortable for long-hour gaming sessions. These are made up of flexible material, so you won’t be facing any fatigue or aching to your hands if you wear them all day long.

Although these Foamy Lizard gaming gloves are available in limited sizes, you can adjust them easily with the help of a velcro strap present on the wrist. Again, Foamy Lizard only offers these gloves in Black colour.

But frankly speaking, they look more decent in classic black colour if you put them side by side with other gloves on our list. But apart from a few cons, these are the most reliable and affordable gaming gloves to keep your hands dry if you sweat a lot.

ONISSI Pro – Cheap Gaming Gloves

Sizes: Medium, Large | Closure Type: Velcro

Reasons to Buy:

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  • Sweat-proof layer
  • Good grip
  • Easy fit

Who Should Buy:

  • PC gamers
  • Console gamers
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The ONISSI Pro follow the same half-finger design that we’ve found on the Foamy Lizard gloves. But this one offers a wide palm grip area to firmly hold the mouse or controller for intense gameplay. Both the right and left pair come with an anti-slip palm area for maximum grip.

To make these gaming gloves sweat-proof, ONISSI has introduced a special textured fabric in the palm area to keep your hands dry.

Moreover, the material used in the construction of these gloves is stretchable, breathable, and lightweight to provide extra comfort during long-hour gaming sessions. The velcro straps make it easier to fit these gloves according to the size of your wrist.

The half-finger design allows maximum flexibility and dexterity to gamers for tapping any button on a controller or a keyboard. You can use these gloves while gaming on a PC, PS4, Xbox, iPad, Android tablet, or laptop.

All in all, these gaming gloves are cheaper to get if you want to get rid of sweaty palms. But keep in mind that these are available in limited sizes, you can go with either medium or large sizes. So, if you have small hands, then you’ll need to look out for other options on the list.

Fiery Phoenix Sleekz – Premium Pick

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large | Closure Type: Velcro

Reasons to Buy:

  • 3-finger gaming glove
  • anti-slip silicone micro-dot array zones
  • Ultra-thin fabric for maximum sensation to your fingers

Who Should Buy:

  • Both console and PC gamers
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The Fiery Phoenix Sleekz combines the classic and modern look in one spot. It’s a three-finger gaming glove with a textured pattern on the thumb, index, and middle finger area. It fully covers your three fingers giving you more control in gaming.

The breathable ultra-thin material also regulates the temperature while preventing your palms from excess sweat. Also, the moisture-wicking layer helps in regulating the temperature of your palm and fingers to keep them dry throughout the gaming session.

Just like most of our other gaming gloves on the list, this one also has a strong grip texture on the palm and three fingers that are highly involved in gaming. There’s a velcro strap to tighten these gloves easily on wrists of all sizes.

These are the most aesthetical gaming gloves you can have for playing Esports games or simulator games. Unfortunately, these are available in Red colour only. It could have been better if the Fiery Phoenix had included more colour options with this edition.

How to Find the Right Size Gaming Glove for You

You don’t want to waste your money on buying a gaming glove that is loose or too fit for your hands. For a comfortable gaming experience, it’s better to find a glove that doesn’t give you a handshake while you are gaming.

Here’s how you can get the right size gaming glove if you are buying it online from Amazon, eBay, or Newegg.

  • Measure from the tip of your finger to the bottom of your palm. You can use the first crease on your wrist as a final point. Use a measuring tape for this purpose.
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Follow the table below to get an idea of which size would suit you best:

Glove SizesIn Inches
Small6.5-7.5 inches
Medium7.5-8.5 inches
Large8.5-9.5 inches


Finally, these were some of the highly recommended gaming gloves for sweaty palms. If your hands are too sweaty and interrupt your gameplay, then these gloves might help you keep your hands dry. Always look out for gloves that are made up of breathable and lightweight fabric. Moreover, make sure that the glove come with a textured palm area to provide you with a better grip over the gaming hardware.

We’ll recommend you Ironclad Immortals gaming gloves as they have a strong grip, are made up of breathable fabric, and have added wrist support to prevent any fatigue or pain to your hands. Also, to get a pair of Ironclad Immortals, you really don’t need to break your bank account.

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