These Book Stands Help You Read Comfortably Anywhere — From Bed To Desk To Bath! (2022)


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by Scarlett James

A book stand is remarkably useful for something that seems like a single-purpose product. Whether you need to see the next step in your banana bread recipe or want to keep your textbook at a better angle for long-haul study sessions, the best book stands will keep your chapter open without tipping over from the weight of it — and they'll fit comfortably in your space to help reduce forward head posture: a common cause of neck pain.

While book stands are versatile, certain designs will serve you better depending on what you plan on reading. Hefty textbooks require book stands that can go the distance — look for ones with an ample weight limit and an adjustable back so that you can find just the right angle. That said, if you're planning on lighter reading, there are also plush models for tucking into bed and whimsical shapes for your kitchen counter (some can even be hung up after use). You’ll also find more decorative wire book stands for when form matters just as much as function. There's even a souped-up bathroom caddy on the list that includes a book stand to seriously improve your spa time.

And if you also need a space-saving shelf to corral your collection, you’ll find an elegant vertical book rack here that makes use of narrow spaces to store your favorite series, too. Ahead, the best book stands for every type of reader.


The Folding Book Stand Shoppers Call "Perfect For Textbooks"

A best-seller on Amazon, hundreds of reviewers mentioned using this stand for their textbooks, including a number of students in the medical and legal fields who've carried their weight in hardbacks. It's made from a blend of PVC and ABS plastic that's lightweight yet capable of holding up to 10 pounds, and thanks to its foldable design, it's backpack-ready. With 18 levels of adjustment, you can rest assured you're always at the right angle for any book or desk. "I have searched for and used a wide variety of bookstands through the years. This is ideal for heavy, THICK books," one comparison shopper reported. "Seriously ONE of the BEST investments I’ve made for college so far," another wrote of this little wonder. And for just $12, it's a steal.

One thing this stand lacks, however, is the ability to adjust its height. If you're looking for that feature specifically, you might want to consider this premium model from A+ Book Stands.


This Cult-Favorite Adjustable Bamboo Stand That Can Handle *Any* Book

Similar to the pick above, this book stand features a foldable design but it can handle even more weight — it can hold up to 22 pounds securely — with a sturdy base and solid construction. Although it can handle a lot of weight, you'll be surprised by how comparatively weightless this thing is, in eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial bamboo. The lower lip can accommodate books three inches thick (or approximately 1500 pages), with metal and rubber page keepers that fold down flat if you don’t need them. The entire thing collapses down flat, so you can tuck it into a drawer when not in use. It's adjustable to five different angles so you can find the position that works for what you're reading. "This bamboo book stand is exactly what the ad said it would be. Lightweight, well made, easy to use, at an excellent price. Can’t ask for more than that," a reviewer summarized.


A Pillowy Book Holder For Reading In Bed (Or Anywhere, Really)

With a soft dumpling body covered in plush microfiber fabric and a thick silky cord for easier carrying (or marking your page), the Pyramid book stand is exactly what you want for crawling into bed. The shape gives you a nice steady base without needing firmer materials, and the soft fabric roll keeps your pages tucked away. "I tried this with my large Copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The book is 759 pages long and the Peeramid was up to the challenge and did NOT flatten from the weight," a shopper reported. Other reviewers raved about its ability to accommodate their e-readers and tablets (although no weight limit is specified). A pocket on one side has room for your phone or the remote control. It comes in muted shades that won't look out of place in your living room as well as some fun prints, from unicorns to llamas.


A Brass Wire Book Stand That Looks So Pretty

This pretty wire book stand is clean and modern with a high-shine finish you’ll enjoy leaving out whether that's a kitchen countertop or your WFH office. The brass plate in a geometric chevron will work in almost any space, just know that you'll trade off maximum weight-bearing ability for classic good looks. While there isn't a specific weight limit listed, some reviewers noted that it had the tendency to tip forward if too heavy a book was used. "I was looking for a cookbook holder that would not take up too much room one being stored away and this fits my needs well. It is sturdy enough but would not say this is the right stand if you’re looking for a very thick heavy cookbook holder. For the amateur chef this is perfect," one shopper reported.


A Cookbook Stand That Looks Like A Vintage Cutting Board

Since a cookbook stand is often left out, why not have some fun with it and choose a thematic and decorative option. This charming stand looks like a traditional cutting board and hangs up when not in use so your counters stay clear. When it's time to meal prep, a wood kickstand folds out so you can read instructions at a glance, although no weight limit is provided. "We just moved into our new house, and I finally got to unpack this beauty! I placed it on the counter and it's wonderful!! Sturdy, good quality, worth the price and well finished. I can't wait to put it to good use in our kitchen," one fan wrote. Another chef's favorite is this cast iron cookbook stand.


This Decadent Bathtub Book Stand Has Literally Thought Of Everything

This bath tray with a reading stand is the smartest one you'll find. The center features a water-resistant fold-down book stand to help keep your books or tablets upright. It's fully adjustable to fit your tub: The expandable wings on either side feature brilliant little compartments, with one dedicated to your phone and a spill-proof slot for sliding in the base of a wine glass securely. Plenty of additional dividers create the perfect setup for candles and products so you don't have to lift a finger. It's made from lightweight bamboo that is naturally resistant to water damage, but you'll find it stained in rich mahogany as well as crisp white and pastels so you can match your spa vibes. "Takes my bath to the luxury level," one shopper gushed. "Super-practical with all the built-in and removable features, like the book stand, phone stand, wine glass holder, etc. I love that it is bamboo, which is sustainable. My husband even raved about it and he was skeptical about getting a caddy."


Also Nice: A Book Rack To Organize Your Library

A vertical book rack makes use of narrow spaces to get your collection off the floor and readily accessible. Each shelf holds up to five books (or up to 22 pounds) in a go, and safety details, like suction feet and a wall anchor, ensure it stays steady and secure no matter how high you stack your volumes. Shoppers were impressed with how easy the shelves were to assemble, remarking on the quality of build and solid materials. "Every part fit together perfectly and I found it to be very sturdy after setting it up. It is currently sitting on the low pile carpet...and is very solidly holding my books and magazines," one reviewer praised. Choose from two different colors and two different height options.

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