Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (2022)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As you all know, I am an avid reader. I like to read while I cook, while I’m in bed, while I drive (okay, maybe only listen to audiobooks while driving). That’s why I created this list of the best book stands, because they help me read wherever I’m at.

Book stands for reading are unsung heroes. They allow for great hands-free operation for those with tired arms or dirty fingers. Some are even doing their part to help alleviate some of the challenges experienced by those with special needs.

So without wasting any more time… let’s discuss the 10 best book stands of 2022.

What are the best book stands and holders? Here’s our top 10 list:

To get right to the chase, the below book stands are my favorite ranked for specific needs. They cover everything from the most ergonomic, to the best book stand for children, to the best stand on the go.

  1. Uncaged Ergonomics Book Stand
  2. LEVO Hands-Free Stand
  3. ScanJig Pro Plus
  4. Reodoeer Reading Rest
  5. Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
  6. SmartMe Portable Stand
  7. A+ Children’s Book Stand
  8. Standing Lectern
  9. HENGSHENG Bamboo Stand
  10. Esschert Design Cast Iron Cookbook Stand

Best book holder stand comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

Here is a quick chart with images, pricing, and the essential information if you just want to dive straight in to the best book holder stands.

What are the different types of book stands?

I have a lot of different stands on this list, because they have very different uses depending on what you need them for. They include:

  • Bed stands
  • Floor stands (hands free)
  • Scanners
  • Counter stands
  • Bath stands
  • Portable stands
  • Child stands
  • Functional Décor stands

Don’t forget to also check out the best book holder for reading in bed if you’re specifically looking for bedtime use.

Book Stand Holder In-depth Reviews

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. For each of the following book stand holders, I’ve collected my thoughts on their best attributes and the reasons why I included them on this list.

1. Uncaged Ergonomics Book Stand (Best Book Stand Overall)

Ergonomic Reading Stand Book Holder for Reading in bed couch adjustable height angle tilt tilting portable textbook big heavy books tablet ipad document laptop computer lap desk aluminum silver

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT book stand: Raise reading materials to eye-level and stop slouching with...
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE reading stand: this ergonomic reading and book stand helps decrease page...
  • OPEN SPACE BOTTOM: The perfect adjustable textbook holder! Spacious design helps...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, IMPECCABLE QUALITY: you’ll notice the difference. Premium anodized aluminum...
  • PERFECT book holder for studying, reading textbooks, holding cookbooks. A reading stand...

Out of all of our options, the Uncaged Ergonomics stand came out on top. This stand can do it all. Whether it’s reading in bed, cooking in the kitchen, or just generally promoting proper as the best textbook stand, the Uncaged Ergonomics reigns supreme for all your book holder needs. Let’s take a look at why. Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (2)

  • Adjustable Height and Angle: The height is adjustable up to 21” making it ideal for almost situations. Use it in bed or on your tabletop. The angle of the holding tray is fully adjustable and locks in 15-degree increments.
  • Open Space Bottom: This is a really useful feature. When used as a book holder for a desk, you can minimize and even help declutter your workstation. Place your reading material or tablet on top and your other supplies underneath. Another great thing about this feature is when reading in bed. You can place it over your legs or lap minimizing the stress on your body.
  • Made out of Lightweight Aluminum: This makes it perfect for kitchen or workshop use. It is sturdy and non-porous which makes it great for using around raw foods or chemicals.
  • Collapses Flat: Not only is it lightweight, but it has the ability to collapse completely flat. This makes it great for portability and transportation.


  • Adjustable
  • Open Space Bottom
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible


  • Bulky when used

2. LEVO Hands-Free Stand (Best for Bedtime Reading)

Levo Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines

  • Rolls throughout your home so you can read luxuriously in any room. Adjustable height,...
  • Compatible with just about every type of furniture: chairs, recliners, standing, and more...
  • Extends from either the right or left side of your furniture. Sturdy base keeps your book...
  • Holds books up to 4 lbs, including hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks...
  • Excellent for students, professionals, and avid readers of all ages. Holds reference...


Check It Out on Amazon!

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When it comes to bedtime reading, the LEVO Hands-Free Book Holder really shines through as a floor book stand. This makes reading in bed a much easier experience. Let’s take a look at some of the features that enable this book holder.Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (4)

  • Fully Adjustable Design: You can adjust just about every aspect of this book stand! You can adjust the height of the stand from anywhere between 30-56” making this tall book stand ideal for reading from any piece of furniture.
  • Cantilever Swing Arm: Its adjustable swing arm easily extends over your chair or bed. It also is easily adjustable on a five-point axis to make sure you have the best reading experience possible.
  • Sturdy Wheeled Base: The sturdy base of this unit is heavy enough to support a book weighing up to 4 lbs. Yet, it’s easy to maneuver around due to the casters mounted on its underside.


  • Adjustable
  • Swing arm
  • Stable


  • Large and bulky
  • Expensive

3. CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner (Best for Special Needs)

CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner, 2nd Gen Auto-Flatten & Deskew Tech, 18MP HD Camera, Capture A3, 186 Languages OCR, Convert to PDF/Searchable PDF/Word/Tiff/Excel, Run On Windows & MacOS

  • 📖【Patented Flattening Curved Book Page Technology】ET18 Pro applies CZUR’s latest...
  • 📖【Searchable Documents】Powered by ABBYY's OCR technology, documents can be...
  • 📖【High Quality Imaging】18MP HD camera, 275 DPI, 4896*3672 Resolution. *Note: Very...
  • 📖【Fast & Efficient】With a scan speed of less than 1.5 s/p, the ET18 Pro can easily...
  • 📖【A3 Large Format Book Scanner】The ET18 Pro can scan any document up to A3 size...

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs. But, that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t swing for the fences. For those who need that extra boost, this is the perfect book stand. The CZUR Pro is much more than an ordinary book stand. It can be a real game changer for those with special needs. Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (6)

  • Scanning Stand: The CZUR is a fantastic document scanner that you can use to take your books or papers on the go, digitally. These can then be used in coordination with different text to speech apps in order to help decipher the printed text.
  • Open Design: This stand is designed with open angles to allow maximum light penetration thus minimizing pesky shadows that interfere with scanning capabilities.
  • Travel-Friendly: This book stand folds up nice and neatly so it can be carried with you wherever you go. At full fold, it can be squarely placed inside your backpack.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Scanner
  • Clean design


  • Not good for reading in the moment
  • Expensive

4. Reodoeer Reading Rest (Best for Messy Areas)

Readaeer Metal Book Stand for Desk Document Holder for Cook Book, Music Book, iPad, Laptop, Reading Rest, 7 Adjustable Positions

  • Promotes proper posture for better spinal health
  • Supports books, catalogs, planners and more at comfortable reading angle
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.

Ever need a book reading stand in a messy area? Maybe you’re baking cupcakes and need a helping hand to hold that recipe? Or perhaps, you’re in your auto shop flipping through user manuals and repair guides? You need a sturdy book stand to handle it and one that can be cleaned afterward. The Reodoeer is just the stand for you. Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (8)

  • Sturdy Construction: This book stand is constructed out of a sturdy plastic and metal plate. This makes this an ideal book stand to be used around rugged areas. Plus, it’s non-porous. Meaning minimal pathogens can creep inside the materials. Simply wipe down with your favorite antibacterial and you’re good to go.
  • Heavy Duty Holding: Since this book stand is made out of stronger materials, its weight capacity is much larger than most other stands. This makes it excellent as a textbook holder, ranging from your standard run-of-the-mill textbook to a Standard Operating Procedure for a turbine driven electric plant.
  • Adjustable: The Reodoeer has seven different angles that it can be adjusted to. This ensures you always have the right angle when getting down and dirty.


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • Not as multifunctional

5. Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy (Best for Bathtime)

What’s better than a nice glass of wine, a scented candle, and a good book? Doing all this in the bathof course! And now you can with the PSRVR Luxury Bathtub Caddy. Keep your book safe from the bubbles with this bamboo book caddy.Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (10)

  • Multifunctional Trays: This caddy holds more than just your book. There are two trays on either side of your book that you can use to hold other things such as a bookmark or highlighter. The caddy also comes equipped with two indented rounds perfect for holding that glass of Pinot and a nice candle.
  • Waterproofed Bamboo: This book holder is made out of a lightweight, yet durable bamboo. This makes it easy to move into place or take down. Along with that, the bamboo has been waterproofed as not to deteriorate your product over time.
  • One Size Fits All: The caddy can be extended lengthwise to fit just about every standard size bathtub.


  • Super multifunctional
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable


  • Only works in water situations

6. SmartMe Portable Stand (Best for Travel)

[SmartMe] Portable Book Stand Ultra-Light Weight 0.33lb Transformer Book Holder, Angle Adjustable Smart Pad Mount, Reading Stand, Document Holder

  • 👏【TRENDY ITEM FOR INTELLECTUALS】 : Portable it means you could reading your fancy...
  • 👏【FUN DESIGN】 : Use of spring can enable installation in an instant. 1.Hold the...
  • 👏【SPIDER BOOK STAND】 : Newly improved 4-point mounting system. Combines book and...
  • 👏【TRAVEL READING】 : SmartMe Portable Book Holder enables you to carry anywhere in...
  • 👏【MATERIALS】 : Made from strong but light-weight ABS material with excellent...

Reading is one of the most popular options to do on long flights because let’s face it… those in-flight movies are never really that good. But a big problem with reading on an airplane is the space. You are in a very cramped area with no room to stretch (particularly in coach). Save your arms from awkward cramps and soreness with this book stand. The [SmartMe] portable book stand is perfect for these types of situations.Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (12)

  • Foldability: This small book holderhas the ability to fold into a size slightly larger than your standard flashlight. This makes it ideal for traveling in your backpack carry-on.
  • Lightweight and Durable: This book stand weighs in at just over 5 ounces. This is one of the lightest books stands on the market. You should have no problem transporting this or exceeding your weight limit due to this item. Although it is light, the [SmartMe] is constructed of a high-grade ABS plastic which helps keep it tough enough for your purpose.
  • Stable 4 Point Support: This feature helps to eliminate curling and folding of books and their covers– especially near the ends of the book.


  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Sturdy


  • Not as multifunctional

7. Meetco Book Stand (Best for Kids)

Meetco Book stand, 180° Adjustable book stand for kids reading textbook, cooking book for display, Portable Sturdy holder, music, textbooks paper-clips book holder Kid’s gift(Blue)

  • 1.The retractable design makes the book stand fit various sizes of books, paper,...
  • 2.The adjustable book stand is conducive to developing a healthy reading and sitting...
  • 3.The book stand is 180° adjustable. Feel free to adjust the book stand to any angle of...
  • 4.You can better enjoy reading with our book stand which enables you to turn pages using...
  • 5.Sturdy triangle structure. The rubber base makes our book stand skid-free on the desk.

Do your kids love to read? Or do they need a little encouraging? Perhaps a book stand of their very own is just what they need! The Meetco Book Stand is great for those little bookworms in training. Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (14)

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  • Kid Friendly: This book stand was designed purely with children in mind. It has smooth rounded edges with no sharp corners. It’s also made with safe non-toxic materials so you can rest easy with this around your tykes.
  • Easy to Setup and Learn: This book stand is super simple to use. There is no assembly required. Just slide the backboard into its desired position and you are ready to go.
  • Certified Safe: These stands have been tested in CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified laboratories in accordance with all Children’s Safety Regulations.


  • Child friendly
  • Ease of use


  • Not as multifunctional

8. Standing Lectern (Best for Presenting)

Standing Lectern

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !
  • Material: Solid Wood, Walnut Stain
  • 43' H with 16 x 15' Top, 12' Square Base

Are you part of a book club that reads aloud? Or, do you have a presentation you need to give? Most people don’t give enough credit to the lectern. These large, but versatile book stands are ideal for reading aloud in front of groups. There’s already the pressure of an audience. You don’t need that pressure being transferred to tired arms as well.Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (16)

  • Beautiful and Simple Design: This lectern’s construction is an elegant, yet simple design sure to draw the attention of those before it. It is handcrafted out of genuine maple with a rustic walnut finish.
  • Wide Top: The top of this stand is 15” x 16” making it ideal for large books.


  • Well-designed
  • Wide top
  • Great for presentations


  • Not great for personal reading

9. HENGSHENG Bamboo Stand (Best Functional Decor)

Bamboo Book Stand - wishacc Reading Rest Holder Cookbook Cook Stand/Foldable Tablet PC Textbook/Music Document Stand/Desk Bookrest with Retro Hollow Elegant Pattern

  • Made of high quality bamboo, stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable to five different angle,conveniently set the angle for keeping the correct...
  • Multi-function bamboo bookstand, ideal for support different size and style books, Tablet,...
  • Conveniently folding down flat when not in use,You can carry this light-weight and...
  • Dimension:28x20.5x1cm/”11x8.1x0.39". Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm,etc

Who says desktop book stands can’t be functional and fashionable? This is definitely the case with this awesome looking book stand. The HENGSHENG book stand is made out of ornately carved bamboo sure to get noticed. But not only does it look good… it works great. Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (18)

  • Stable and Sturdy: Made out of high-quality bamboo, this book stand can support books of all sizes.
  • Flat Folding: Folds flat when not in use to easily be accommodated in a medium sized backpack.
  • Adjustable: This book stand can be adjusted to 5 different angles ensuring that you can read at your leisure.


  • Durable
  • Collapsible
  • Portable


  • Not as multifunctional

10. Esschert Design Cast Iron Cookbook Stand (Best Iron Book Stand)

Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (19)

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Vintage Cookbook Stand Cast Iron, Decorative Metal Cookbook Recipe Holder for Cookbooks or iPad Stands for Kitchen, Coffee Gold

  • 【Decorative & Practical】The cookbook stands and holders will add charm to your kitchen...
  • 【Vintage Style & Traditional Handicraft】Attractive lattice Hollowed-out Pattern...
  • 【Eco-friendly & Durable】Kitchen cookbook stands made of cast iron material and covered...
  • 【Multiple Uses】Use this functional reading cookbook stand for a cookbook or tablet...
  • 【SATISFACTORY SERVICE】— Fall in love with this cookbook stand! Perfect for Mothers...

This iron stand is designed to bring life into any kitchen. Your cookbook will look just great when perched upon this stand. It does require some assembly, which may be difficult for some. Yet, when completed, this Victorian-inspired piece of art is well worth it.Top 10 Best Book Stands & Holders Comparison for 2022 (20)

  • Iron Cast: Sturdy and strong. This piece is very difficult to break.
  • Weighted Page Holders: This stand comes equipped with elegant weighted page holders ready to keep your pages flat and easy to read.


  • VERY sturdy
  • Great for cookbooks and outdoors


  • Heavy

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Book Stand

Purchasing a book stand doesn’t have to be the most difficult decision in your life. Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider when purchasing a book stand to make your process a little easier.

Height and Weight

When purchasing a book stand, you must take into consideration the dimensions that you need. Some of the best book stands are great as tabletop book holders, too, while others excel for other places. But what is the ideal height for you?

Did you know that if you focus on something too close to your eyes that you are putting undue strain on them? Or that looking at something too far away does the same? It goes beyond just nearsightedness or needing bifocals. Those with perfect vision can also fall prey to these conditions. This can lead to future eye problems or worsening of current ones.

According, the book or paper you are reading should generally be between 16 and 21 inches away from your eyes and a little bit below eye level. It’s actually easier to read looking down than looking up. Remember to keep this in mind when searching for a new book stand.

Another thing to take note of is the weight. For instance, would you want to get a cast iron book stand for an elderly individual or a child. Obviously, the answer is no. But besides from that why else should you worry about weight?

Let’s say you are reading in bed. You are following proper guidelines with the book stand on your lap with the book balanced inside. How heavy is your book? How heavy is the stand? Depending on the combined weight of the two, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. That could be just enough pressure to push down on your legs to reduce blood flow or place unwanted pressure on your nerves.

By keeping height and weight factors in mind when shopping, you are sure to make a better decision with your book holder selection.

Adjustability and Portability

Some people have a designated reading area. They have a special chair or bed they go to when ready to curl up with their next new adventure. But… others don’t. Some can just plop down anywhere and get right into it.

Now for those stationary readers using book stands… adjustability and portability become less of an issue. Simply find the right size with the right angle, and you’re all set. However, for those less static, these factors can become very important.

For instance, those using e-readers would love angle adjustability. We all know how it goes… sometimes the angle of our laptops or e-readers isn’t quite suited for the ambient light. Well with laptops, the solution is easy. Just angle your screen accordingly. E-readers or tablet-like electronics are a different story. These must be adjusted by being held differently and sometimes in awkward positions.

An adjustable book stand for reading definitely can help with those kinds of situations.

Portability is another huge consideration. Is it practical to carry a full-size lectern from the living room to the kitchen just to hold your cookbook? No. What about travelers? Is it practical to bring a non-collapsible wrought iron book stand? Absolutely not.

Speaking of travelers, do you know theweight limit for international carry on baggage? It’s roughly 40 lbs. That includes the bag and its contents. Those who intend on doing some reading on a long flight may want to consider using their book stand. One designed for travel may be just what you need.


Material considerations are definitely something you should pay attention to. Here are two reasons why.


Material strength can be very important when choosing a book stand. Let’s just say you spend most of your time reading heavy textbooks. A simple plastic stand just isn’t going to cut it. The plastic may easily snap under the weight of the heavy book. But if you are using the book stand for smaller books (such as bedtime stories for children), maybe a plastic stand is a better option. One common lightweight material used is bamboo. Bamboo combines the best of both worlds allowing for maximum weight with minimal strain on the stand. As we will see next though, bamboo is not necessarily the best for all situations.

Intended Use of Stand

There are many reasons why one would use a reading stand. Some use them in bed. Others as a book stand for a desk. But what does this have to do with the material of the stand itself. Everything. For example, you use your book stand in the kitchen to hold up your recipe book. You are making your Grandma’s world famous chicken pot pie. YUM! Now, in this recipe, it calls for cleaning and preparing a whole chicken. As those who cook know… cleaning a chicken can get a little dirty sometimes. But that’s ok. We can just clean it up, right? Well, yes and no.

Let’s just say some of that chicken juice went flying and got onto your book stand. With wooden or bamboo book stands… this may not be desirable. You see, the wooden or bamboo stand may actually soak up some of that chicken juice along with whatever bacteria may be hiding in it. Wiping this down will help, but the risk of contamination is definitely still there. In this case, a metal or sturdy acrylic may be best.The Spruce Eats puts out an interesting article on this as it applies to cutting boards, but the principle is still the same. Use non-porous materials for kitchen use.

What is a book stand & what does it do?

A book stand, simply put, holds books so you can read them hands off. They are great for situations in bed, at your desk, or on a countertop when you need to frequently read or reference the book, while not being able to keep your hands on the book.

What is a book holder good for?

A book holder is good for holding your book when you can’t use your hands. Personally, I use them at my desk while I’m doing research for articles I’m writing. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to type out notes while looking at the book I’m researching in its book holder.

What is the best book holder for reading for me? Our conclusion

So there you have it! Whether you’re looking to find the best book stands for a novel, your iPad, tablet, sheet music, or whatever it is, we hope this list helped you out. For most of you, I recommend the Uncaged Ergonomics Book Stand, but if you have slightly different needs, I would take a look through the whole list.


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Are book stands useful?

Yes! Book stands are absolutely useful.You’d be surprised of the many situations when you need to go hands free while reading, whether it’s while typing notes from the book at your desk, or while consulting a cookbook in the kitchen. Whatever your needs, a book holder can help.

How do I choose a book stand?

First, identify your needs. The book stand that you select will depend on your situation. Do you want a stand for the kitchen while you cook? Or at your desk? In bed? While relaxing in a nice warm bath? Whatever the case, start there, then look through this list to find the best stand for that category.

How do you read a heavy book in bed?

The best way to read a heavy book in bed is to get a book stand. This makes it so much easier to read the book, and the only thing you need your hands for is to turn the pages. The book holder takes all of the weight off of you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Why are book stands good? ›

Benefits Of Using A Book Stand

It helps you maintain a proper posture while reading. It allows you to read hands-free. It takes up less desk or counter space. It is versatile and can be used to hold books, laptops, and iPads.

How do you hold a book while reading in bed? ›

First up we have a selection of book holder pillows. Book holder pillows will support your book at a slight angle but the downside is the height is not adjustable. You can place your book holder pillow on your legs or on your belly while reading in bed.

What is a book holder called? ›

: a device that supports a book compare bookrack, bookrest.

What is a book stand called? ›

A lectern is a reading desk with a slanted top, on which documents or books are placed as support for reading aloud, as in a scripture reading, lecture, or sermon. A lectern is usually attached to a stand or affixed to some other form of support.

Is it better to stand books up or lay them down? ›

Since stacking books horizontally can place undue pressure on book spines, most books should be stored in the upright position, ideally shelved neatly in a metal bookcase supported against similarly sized books with bookends at either side.

What is the most comfortable way to hold a book? ›

Hold your book in such a way that you don't have to bend your neck. You can do this with the help of support for your elbows with pillows to maintain the correct posture throughout your reading time. If possible use a cushioned chair for added comfort and keep your back supported.

What is the most comfortable reading position? ›

According to ergonomic principles, the best reading position is sitting upright on a chair, with your back straight and your neck slightly tilted forward. Your feet should be placed on the ground firmly, and your knees should be bent at a 90 degrees angle.

What are those things called that hold books upright? ›

Book Ends, Bookends, Bookends for Home Decorative, Bookends for Shelves, Tree of Life Bookend Supports, Bookends for Heavy Books, Book Shelf Holder, Bookend Supports (1 Pairs/2 Pieces, Large)

What is the thing that holds a book together? ›

Spine: The outside case of the binding, where all the pages are glued together. When a book is on the shelf, the spine is what faces outward. Verso: In an open book, verso is the page on the left side.

What is a pair of books called? ›

So, just in case you guys are interested, here it is: A series of 2 books = Duology. A series of 3 books = Trilogy. A series of 4 books = Tetralogy. A series of 5 books = Pentalogy.

What is the five finger rule for reading? ›

The number of fingers they're holding up by the end of the page tells them if the book is the right level: 0-1 fingers: It's too easy. 2-3 fingers: It's just right. 4-5 fingers: It's too hard (or best read aloud with a buddy).

How can I read without speaking? ›

9 Ways to Minimize Subvocalization
  1. Use Your Hand or a Pointer to Guide Your Eyes While Reading. ...
  2. Distract Yourself. ...
  3. Listen to Music While Reading. ...
  4. Use the AccelaReader RSVP Application. ...
  5. Force Yourself to Read Faster Than You Normally Would. ...
  6. Scan Before Reading. ...
  7. Occupy Your Mouth. ...
  8. Discipline Your Eyes.
29 Dec 2014

How do you read in bed at night? ›

These 6 tips will help make reading at night the best part of your bedtime routine!
  1. Choose a quiet place. Image by Thomas Tangelder from Pixabay. ...
  2. Find a comfortable position. ...
  3. Opt for print, if possible. ...
  4. Invest in a reading light. ...
  5. Avoid thumb cramps with this page holder. ...
  6. Try reading out loud.

Should I use a book stand? ›

Book holders or book stands can be useful for individuals who need to hold a book open or view the pages of a text but find it difficult to do so because of hand, arm, shoulder, neck, or other limitations that effect the upper extremities.

Is it better to store books in cardboard or plastic boxes? ›

Use a Storage Container

We recommend storing books in a plastic storage bin or container. This will help to further protect your books from moisture, dust, bugs and vermin.

How do you store large numbers of books? ›

10 Creative Ways to Store Books (That Aren't Bookshelves)
  1. Stack books on your bar cart.
  2. Mix books with pictures.
  3. Display your books on (or below) a windowsill.
  4. Use a hutch or buffet for book storage on display.
  5. Display books on the mantel.
  6. Store books in the fireplace.
6 Nov 2021

How do you hold a book without it hurting? ›

Hold the book up a little under eye-level to avoid slouching forward. Keep your elbows bent and hold the book up a little beneath your eyes. If you hold the book down near your lap, you'll bend your neck down while reading, which will strain your neck and upper back muscles while you enjoy your book.

Should books be stored upright or flat? ›

Small or medium-sized books can be packed either lying flat or standing upright. Large heavy books should be stored lying flat. Never store books resting on the spine or the fore edge (the front edge opposite the spine), as this can seriously damage bindings.

Where is the best place to read a book? ›

The 11 Best Places to Read
  • Trains have given me some of my best reading experiences. ...
  • Bars in quiet restaurants or in hotel lobbies are excellent for reading. ...
  • A chair by a roaring fire. ...
  • Parks are great for reading. ...
  • A comfortable chair. ...
  • The public library.
1 Oct 2012

Is it OK to read in bed? ›

The Benefits of Reading in Bed

Reading can help reduce anxiety because it distracts us. And that's no small feat: When dealing with anxiety, distraction from life stressors is a reasonable, evidence-based intervention. It's also relaxing, regardless of whether you're battling anxiety or just battling too much stress.

What are at least 5 things you should be doing while reading a book to a child or a group of children? ›

Through examining the different ways parents tell stories, we have pinpointed which elements of shared reading are most beneficial for children's cognitive development.
  • Tune in to your child. ...
  • Ask questions. ...
  • Go beyond describing images or reading text. ...
  • Make logical links between different parts of the story.
19 Aug 2018

Where do you keep your book answer? ›

mainly you should put your book in bag because if you put them out of the bag then small children can take that and may tear your books or other can also take and at the time you will not get that and about your bag, then you can but it on your table.

What keeps books upright on shelf? ›

I believe you are referring to Bookends which can be made from a variety of materials. Some are heavy and rely on using their weight to hold the books up.

How close should you hold a book? ›

The ideal reading distance – the space between your eyes and the book – should be about 15 inches. And the ideal reading angle is 60 degrees.

How should you stack books? ›

Ideally, stand the books upright in the storage box. Always pack stacks of books with fore edges facing the sides of the box so that if the load shifts, the “spines against spines” configuration guards against damage. Do not lay books flat on top of the upright ones.

How tall should book ends be? ›

Find bookends that are least half the size of your books. If you're shopping for bookends that are strong enough to hold your college textbooks invest in some that have a width of 4” and a height of 7”.

What is the thing before a book called? ›

A preface, prologue, and foreword are all a part of a book's front matter, the introductory pages of a book before the main text—often numbered with Roman numerals—that include the title page and table of contents.

Which book binding is best? ›


Also known as hardcover binding, this is by far the best binding technique you could pick. In fact, in the past, all major books were hard-bound. Basically, the inside pages are sewn together in sections. The sections are then glued to the end-papers which are finally glued to the cover's spine.

What is the first page of a book called? ›

The title page is one of the first pages in any book. It signals the beginning of the front matter and shares the title, subtitle, author, and publisher. Of course, not all books these days have a publisher. And many books don't have a subtitle.

What is the last pages of a book called? ›

2. Epilogue: Traditionally found in fictional works, the epilogue is positioned on the recto (the right-hand page) and provides a continuation or closure to the story of the book's narrative.

What is the name of 5 books? ›

A series of five books is called a pentalogy. The word 'trilogy' means 'a series of three works'.

What are the 3 types of books? ›

Types of Books
  • Non-fiction.
  • Edited (non-fiction)
  • Reference (non-fiction)
  • Fiction.
12 Sept 2022

What is a set of 4 books called? ›

A tetralogy (from Greek τετρα- tetra-, "four" and -λογία -logia, "discourse"), also known as a quadrilogy, is a compound work that is made up of four distinct works.

What are the 7 reading principles? ›

To improve students' reading comprehension, teachers should introduce the seven cognitive strategies of effective readers: activating, inferring, monitoring-clarifying, questioning, searching-selecting, summarizing, and visualizing-organizing.

How do you read properly? ›

How to read effectively and critically
  1. On this page.
  2. Have a clear reading purpose.
  3. Choose what to read.
  4. Preview a text.
  5. Use different ways of reading.
  6. Ask critical questions of the text.
  7. Take notes of your reading.
  8. Connect multiple readings.

What does it mean if you move your lips when you read? ›

You move your lips while you read

There's a name for mouthing out words while you read: subvocalization. You might have picked up this habit as a child, while you were learning to sound out words, but it may actually impair your reading speed today.

Why is there a voice in my head when I read? ›

Learning to read often involves reading out loud also, in which case we hear our own voice. As vocalization is suppressed in order to read silently, the muscles may still move slightly, and we "hear" what we know we would sound like if we were to speak out loud.

How can I read without forgetting? ›

  1. Have a good night sleep to rest the brain. ...
  2. Study in a quiet environment. ...
  3. Focus on a topic at a time. ...
  4. Have a good grip of the language. ...
  5. Try to understand the "thought" of the writer. ...
  6. Try to write something down or underline some lines while reading.
8 Sept 2015

What should you do before bed? ›

What Is a Good Bedtime Routine For Adults?
  • Decide on a Set Bedtime. ...
  • Leave the Electronics Alone. ...
  • Have a Light Snack or Bedtime Tea. ...
  • Take a Warm Bath. ...
  • Listen to Music. ...
  • Stretch, Breathe, and Relax. ...
  • Practice Meditation. ...
  • Read a Good Book.
20 Sept 2022

Does reading improve memory? ›

If you are looking for ways to improve your memory and concentration and also relieve stress, reading will help. The brain-stimulating activities from reading have shown to slow down cognitive decline in old age with people who participated in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetimes.

Is reading right before bed good? ›

Reading before you sleep could relax you significantly. A study highlighted in the Telegraph by the University of Sussex raised a number of participants' stress levels and then attempted to reduce them. Cognitive Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis found that 'reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 per cent'.

Is a book stand necessary? ›

The importance of having a book stand in your home cannot be overemphasized. It helps organize your books and keep a record of your reading activities. You can use each booking segment to group your books by monthly reading. You do not get caught up with social activities, and you lose track of your reading process.

Is The Stand a good book? ›

The Stand was highly appreciated by reviewers and is considered one of King's best novels. It has been included in lists of the best books of all time by Rolling Stone, Time, the Modern Library, Amazon and the BBC. An eponymous miniseries based on the novel was broadcast on ABC in 1994.

How is The Stand different from the book? ›

The biggest changes include cutting down the military's villainous role in the original novel, thus leaving a major antagonist missing, adding an unnecessary and complicated narrative restructuring that sapped the outbreak of its shocking impact, and rewriting series villain Randall Flagg's role to be both more wide- ...

Are book holders useful? ›

A book stand can alleviate the neck pain, shoulder tension, and backaches caused by hours hunched over a book placed flat on a desk or table. For this purpose, an ergonomically designed book stand that offers options for adjusting height and angle fits the bill.

What is the highest selling stand alone book of all time? ›

Tolkien, that lack comprehensive sales figures. According to Guinness World Records as of 1995, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time with an estimated 5 billion copies sold and distributed.

Which version of The Stand was better? ›

I would definitely go with the Uncut version, because it gives a better sense of scope and scale to the work -- that said, some of the editing done in the original version actually made for a tighter story.

What is considered to be Stephen King's best book? ›

1. A modern horror classic. It should hardly be a surprise that Stephen King's most popular book is also his first-ever bestseller: "The Shining," a classic 1977 horror novel, spurred a cult-favorite movie and a sequel.

Which version of The Stand is closest to the book? ›

The Complete and Uncut Edition of The Stand is the version of the book that most fans have likely read -- it's the version most readily available in bookstores -- but it may not be the version of the story fans are most familiar with and that's where the 1994 miniseries comes in.

Are there different versions of The Stand? ›

Re-issue of The Stand: Complete and Uncut. The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition is an expanded edition of Stephen King's 1978 novel The Stand, running 345 pages or more longer than the original. The illustrations in the revised edition were done by Bernie Wrightson.

What are the 4 parts of The Stand? ›

It was directed by Mick Garris. The miniseries version takes place in four parts, grouping four major themes of the original story.
  • 1 Part I: The Plague.
  • 2 Part II: The Dreams.
  • 3 Part III: The Betrayal.
  • 4 Part IV: The Stand.
  • 6 See also.


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