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Keynote 1: The Pertinence of Productivity To Climbing The Value Curve

Einstein himself highlights that ‘time itself may not be all it seems.’ Why do some achieve so much (predicting or acting to create future success) with the same amount of ‘hours’ as others? What do we do with the time we have plays a significant role towards value creation: a pre requisite for success.

In this session we will explore some paradigms and strategies to help you get more done both today and tomorrow! including:

• The science busting the myth of multi-tasking: neuro-science & the 3 real ways to ‘multi task’
• Productivity-process partnership: streamlining value creation
• 6 common ‘process deficiencies’ with clues of how to fix them
• The 3 mental states creating the perception of time & the 3 mindsets to adopt
• The pertinence of productivity to innovation
• Productivity & the 3 tiers of value.

Mark Carter, Time Management Expert

Keynote 2: The real power of aggregation as an option for busy procurement teams

With procurement team’s taking on more and more responsibility, maybe the time has come to be more tactical in segmenting the procurement team’s work plan amongst the growing range of different options …

  • Today’s overwhelming procurement BRIEF, that is not so brief anymore
  • Segmenting your work plan tactically to share the work with a range of solutions
  • How busy procurement teams can save time & reap hard benefits by outsourcing sourcing
  • The brazen logic of leveraging other people’s volume

Oliver Lazarevic, CEO, Supply Clusters

keynote 3: Building Capability for the Future

Coretta Bessi, Head Of Procurement, Ausgrid

keynote 4: Declutter your Communication: Make sure you are not ‘flagged for later’ 

Decision makers routinely receive north of 200 emails a day and not uncommonly take home hundreds of pages of papers and packs to review and rework each weekend. The same people tell me that if they can’t grasp what a person is asking them very, very quickly, they will flag the email (or paper or pack) for later, and then often take a long time to come back to it. To cut through this clutter as Procurement Professionals wanting to add greater value to our businesses, you must know how to get their attention fast.

Davina Stanley introduces some simple tactics to help you do just that!

Davina Stanley, Managing Director, Clarity Thought Partners