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The 2nd PASA CPO Summit will inspire procurement leaders from across the ANZ region over two days of learning, problem-solving, sharing and networking.

The programme features diverse keynote presentations, personal development workshops and round-table discussions on key issues facing procurement leaders today. Quality networking is also a key element of the event, with dedicated time for this built into the programme.

Climbing the Value Curve

I recently received what I thought was a brilliant suggestion from a CPO member of PASA Connect for a topic for discussion at a CPO Round-table:

“How do we find the ability to move resources away from servicing the business needs of today, in order to focus on developing capability for tomorrow?’

The question embraces many of the challenges faced by procurement leaders as they strive to climb the value curve. And who doesn’t want to see their procurement team at the top of the value curve?

During the CPO Summit, through dynamic, short presentations and facilitated round-table discussions we will explore tactics and strategies for answering key questions such as:

  • How do you make the transition from being a tactical or transactional function to being a strategically vital cog within your organisation?
  • What might the world look like if you succeed and reach the summit?
  • How do you sell this vision to key stakeholders?
  • What are the critical success factors?
  • What is the role of technology going to be in your plan?
  • What skills and capabilities are you going to need, both for yourself and your team?
  • How do you stop fighting todays fires for long enough to find the time to advance?
  • What might your overall plan look like?
  • How are others doing it?

In addition, there will also be keynote presentations and personal development workshops that address vital skills that you will need on your ascent.

Programme Structure

For all keynote sessions and networking breaks, all delegates will be together. However, delegates will have an option during other parts of the programme to either participate in round-table discussions or an interactive workshop. If you elect to do one of the workshops, please note that this means that you will miss the two round-table discussion topics that are running concurrently with it.

Facilitated Round-table Sessions

The facilitated round-table sessions will enable you to learn from and with your peers as you collectively explore key questions relating to how you climb the value curve. The round-table format will see groups of 7-8 discussing the questions at their table with the outputs of their discussions then being shared with the other tables during a facilitated cross-room discussion. The outputs of the discussions, providing answers to these key questions, will be captured and summarised for delegates, providing all attendees with actionable take-aways at the conclusion of the event.


The workshops programme will focus on developing key skills that you will need on your journey as a leader, manager and influencer. They will be interactive sessions during which you will have your current thinking challenged, while having some fun along the way.


A key element of any event like this is the networking opportunities it affords. To facilitate more effective networking, we will be providing all delegates with access to an app, that not only allows you to see who else is attending, but, if you wish, to schedule some time to meet during the two days. This may be with other CPO’s or participating sponsors. It is purely up to you. There are of course plenty of opportunities for networking during the various refreshment breaks and of course the conference dinner, at which we will have entertainment designed to delight and intrigue.