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The workshops programme will focus on developing key skills that you will need on your journey as a leader, manager and influencer. They will be interactive sessions during which you will have your current thinking challenged, while having some fun along the way.

Workshop 1: A Practical Productivity Toolkit

A toolkit of 10 themes to improve personal productivity: clawing back significant time each day to reinvest best. Productivity & personal performance breaking the paradigm of digital as the default fix all or as an excuse for non-achievement. (This includes leveraging the skills and capabilities of personal flow to advancement and success.)

Mark Carter, Time Management Expert

Workshop 2:  People, Personality & The Prodigality of Time! (The lost opportunities of behaviour)

A toolkit drilling into the specific wastage & lost opportunities based on behavioural sciences personality profiling (DISC, MBTI, Social Styles, Hogan, Hermaan etc). Where are the individuals achilles heels and what can we do to fix them. What are the personal fires we’re fighting harder than we need to?

Mark Carter, Time Management Expert

Workshop 3: The So What Strategy

The ability to communicate strategically so that business audiences of all stripes can not only grasp your point quickly but see the value you bring is essential for today’s Procurement Professionals. Mastering a simple three-step process is key to going beyond being a solid performer and being recognised as a value-adding partner in your business. In the workshop I will help you

• Think more deeply about your audience and purpose
• See how to structure your thinking around one key idea that is supported powerfully and
• Have ideas for delivering that thinking in whatever form is necessary to engage your audience quickly

Davina Stanley, Managing Director, Clarity Thought Partners