Lifelike wonderful exquisite novel style diverse color dazzlingly beautiful and attractive

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    • Product Marketization
      Product Marketization

      Changsha Toys Co., Ltd. is located in the middle and high grade. It is mainly made of electric toys, smart toys and pl...

    • Internationalization of quality
      Internationalization of quality

      Changsha Toys Co. Ltd. all products are in strict accordance with the requirements of IS09001:2008 international quali...

    • Exclusive operation
      Exclusive operation

      The State Administration for Industry and Commerce stipulates that no 3C compulsory certification mark of electric pro...

    • Speed up the market
      Speed up the market

      Changsha Toys Co. Ltd. has their own design teams, has its own production plant, product design based on the society, ...

    • Simplification of entrepreneurship
      Simplification of entrepreneurship

      Changsha Toys Co. Ltd. is joining counters and shopping malls cooperation sales, less investment, quick! The general i...

    • Risk minimization
      Risk minimization

      Changsha Toy Co., responsible for the implementation of special zone system, from the location of know-how, product di...

    Changsha Toys Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic, cloth, wooden and electronic toys, with an annual output value of nearly eighty million yuan. The company was founded in 1992, covers an area of ten thousand square meters, including more than 8000 square regular workshop, more than 1000 square meters warehouse, staff dormitory more than 500 square. Currently has more than 300 skilled workers, the company has strong production technical support team, from product design and development, sample production, mold development, injection molding, assembly, packaging and transportation until a line, process service. At the same time, the company has a professional and efficient business sales team, responsible for import and export business, experienced, and can provide customers with satisfactory services. Company location, located in Anhai Town Qiaotou Industrial Zone in Fujian Quanzhou City, Jinjiang. Adjacent to the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, the freight port is rich in resources. Convenient transportation, near Xiamen, Jinjiang two airport. In order to improve the c...


    Lifelike wonderful exquisite novel style diverse color dazzlingly beautiful and attractive

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